Reminders for Substitute Teachers

    • Dress professionally. 
    • Be on time.
      • Last-minute job assignments are the only ones who have an excuse to be late.
      • Campus start and end times are provided on the job assignment in Frontline. This is the time period which you are expected to work. 
    • Check the job assignment in Frontline for attached notes. These notes will have pertinent class/campus information for you. 
    • Sign in when you arrive. Sign out when you leave for the day. Please do not sign in and out at the same time.  You will be called back to the office at the end of the day to sign out  if this was completed before your work day is finished. 
    • Be prepared to be assigned a duty during the teacher’s planning/conference period.
    • Be flexible. Campus administration can re-assign substitutes as deemed necessary to better serve the needs of the students.
    • Remember that you have signed a Confidentiality Statement and any breach of professional ethics may be considered grounds for termination and/or legal action.
    • Make sure that you have a confirmation number for all assignments. If the arrangement is only a verbal discussion, there may be another substitute who has officially accepted the job through Frontline.  Confirm that your teacher has ASSIGNED you to the job.
    • Under no circumstances are you to photograph or video students while on campus.
    • Under no circumstances are you to hold, restrain or have any physical contact with a student, whether they are General Ed or Special Ed.
    • Failure to meet campus administration’s performance expectations can result in being blocked from future jobs on that campus.


    Thank you for the role you have in the successful, daily operations of Granbury ISD.