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  • Name/Address Changes and W-4s

    Posted by GISD Business Office on 11/11/2021

    All employees are reminded to report name and address changes to the Human Resources Office as soon as possible. 

    For name changes, you are required to provide a new “original” Social Security card indicating your new name before employment records will be changed.  

    TRS goes by the name that is on the Social Security Card please be sure that copies of updated Social Security Cards and Driver’s License are turned in by December 1. 

    In addition, you must submit a new W-4 (Employee’s Withholding Allowance Certificate) if you have had any of the following changes during 2021: 

    • Marital status
    • Withholding allowances
    • Name change
    • Address change 

    The new W-4 may be submitted to the Human Resources Department by December 15. 

    A W-4 form is available on the Internal Revenue Service website at


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  • Electronic Consent for Electronic W-2

    Posted by GISD Business Office on 11/11/2021

    Deadline December 31, 2021

    Did you know?  *It costs the district an estimated $1,200 to print W-2’s for our employees* 

    FACT:  Employees can help the district save money by printing their own W-2 form. 

    Employees may choose a method for receiving their 2021 Form W-2 statements by completing the 2021 Electronic W-2 Disclosure Statement through SKYWARD in Employee Access.  

    Employees have two options to choose from – either to consent to receive an electronic version or to receive a paper version of their Form W-2.  

    The electronic version will be the fastest and most convenient way to receive your 2021 W-2’s.  You will receive an email when the electronic version is ready to print via Employee Access approximately on January 20, 2021.  

    The paper version will not be mailed until January 31, 2021.  

    The information below is the information that will show up in Employee Access when you log in.  Your selections can be changed later by going to W-2 Information before December 31, 2021.  

    The first option is telling us you want to print your own W-2 by going through Employee Access.  The second option is the district mailing you a copy of the W-2.  Either option is the same exact W-2 form.  Both are acceptable by the IRS.  If you print your own, just print a copy to attach to your IRS form when filing your return. 

    Interestingly, the electronic version won’t get lost in the mail or thrown away – you can just log on and print another copy.  

    Once you make your own selection, the message will disappear.  If you do not make a selection it will be there each time you log in. 

    If you would like to view or make selection changes on the W2 prior to December 31st please log into in Employee Access.  Under Payroll Information Click on W2 Information.  On the righthand side of the page click on Options for Receiving My 2021 W2 Electronically.  The Consent form will come up and at the bottom of the page will show current selection.  Changes can be made and click on save. 

    For questions, please contact payroll supervisor Shelley Miller in the Business Office at (817) 408-4139 or


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  • Banking and Direct Deposit Changes

    Posted by GISD Business Office on 11/11/2021

    When making banks changes or setting up new bank accounts here are some helpful tips for getting everything transferred and setup to the new account.

    • Leave the old account open until your direct deposit starts going into your new account and other ACH setups have completely transferred to the new account. This can take several weeks depending on the bank.
    • When changing banks or setting up a new account come to the Business Office in person to complete a cancellation form for the old account and a new direct deposit form with the new banking information.  With the holidays coming up extra time is needed to process those changes.

    Due to the holidays and the district being closed please be sure to have any banking changes that could impact direct deposits during the holidays turned into the Business Office by the following Dates:

    • For the November 15 Payroll new direct deposit forms due on Monday, November 8
    • For the November 30 Payroll new direct deposit forms due on Monday, November 15
    • For December Payrolls all direct deposit form changes are due on Monday, December 1
    • For January 14 Payroll new direct deposit forms are due on Friday, December 17.


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  • School Board Action Re: C19

    Posted by Dr. Jeremy Glenn on 9/21/2021

    Good Morning GISD, 

    Last night our Board of Trustees approved the following: 

    1. Effective August 1, 2021 any staff diagnosed with COVID-19 will be given 10 additional sick days while recovering from the virus. Staff who exceed the 10 days can apply for additional sick bank days. Please contact our HR department for more information. 
    1. October 25, 2021 will be a teacher workday and student holiday. Hopefully this will give you time to catch-up on assignments in your classroom, while simultaneously allowing our custodians an opportunity to perform a deep clean on campuses. 
    1. The November Retention Stipend will be increased to $500 for all fulltime GISD employees and $250 for halftime staff. In order to be eligible staff must be hired by September 15, 2021. Contact the Business Office for more information. 

    Our board of trustees recognizes your efforts, and is appreciative of your service to GISD. If you have any questions or need more information please let me know.

    Jeremy Glenn


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