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Granbury High School Extra Bus Rider Guidelines

  • Granbury ISD provides transportation for their students to/from their home address and to/from their campus. Any student wanting to ride a Granbury ISO bus that is not their assigned bus (ie. going home with a friend, going to a different residential location other than their designated stop) must have an "Extra Rider Pass" issued from the front office.

    To comply with the above GISD Transportation requirement, students must bring a note signed, by the parent/guardian listed on the AGR card, to the front office before school or during their assigned lunch. The note should include: 

    ➔ The date;
    ➔ The student's name;
    ➔ If applicable, the name of the student they are riding with, along with a note from that student's parent/guardian;
    ➔ The destination of the student (address);
    ➔ Parent/Guardian original signature; and,
    ➔ Parent/Guardian phone number (which must match the number listed on the AGR card).