• English IV DC British Literature (ENGL 2322)

    „WEEK 1

    „August15-17, 2018

    „Monday:    Teacher training

    „Tuesday:    Teacher training

    „Wednesday:  All About Mrs. Reid ppt, make a Flipgrid for Friday, read Teacher from the Black Lagoon

    „Thursday:   Flipgrid presentations. Discuss identity poems in groups as prewriting for poetry response essay.

    „Friday: Share Flipgrids.  Discuss Poetry Response essay/Apply Texas prompts

    „WEEK 2

    „August20-24, 2018

    „Monday:    Begin poetic response essay—write rough draft of Prompt A, 1 ½ pages due Tuesday

    „Tuesday:    Share essays.  Make quicklist on identity/talent and write 1 ½ page rough draft about prompt B due Weds.

    „Wednesday:  Research poem to use for response essay.  Use SAY BACK to choose essay to complete—rough draft due 8/29

    „Thursday:   Macbeth  background notes.

    „Friday: Read Act 1/discuss

    „WEEK 3

    „August 27-31, 2018

    „Monday:    Finish notes, read Act I/discuss paradox “Fair is foul”

    „Tuesday:    Write introduction/outline of poetic response essay. Rough draft due Friday for peer review.

    „Wednesday:  Read Act I/discuss study guide and begin reader response journal due 9/4

    „Thursday:    Finish Act I/discuss/grade study guide.

    „Friday: Peer review. Root test 16.

    „WEEK 4

    „September 4-7, 2018

    „Monday:    Holiday

    „Tuesday:     Read Act I, answer study guide. Begin reader response journal due 9/10. Final draft of poetic response essay due Thursday in class for clocking.

    „Wednesday:  Finish Act I. Begin Act II—discuss sleep/blood motifs.

    „Thursday:    Clocking of poetic response essay due TONIGHT at 11:59 PM.

    „Friday:  Read Act II—discuss study guide.

    „WEEK 5

    „September 10-14, 2018

    „Monday:    Read Act II scenes 1-2.  Answer study guide questions in Classroom.

    „Tuesday:     Discuss study guide questions.  Define motif and find examples of sleep and blood motifs in Act II.

    „Wednesday:   Discuss Act II.  Begin reader response journal for Act II on gender expectations due 9/17.

    „Thursday:    Finish Act II, begin Act III. Discuss Banquo’s characterization.

    „Friday:  Read Act III—discuss study guide. Reader response journal due Monday.

    „WEEK 6

    „September 17-21, 2018

    „Monday:    Read Act III.  Discuss gender in Act III.  Review for test tomorrow. Reading response journal due tonight.

    „Tuesday:     Acts I-II test.  Read Act III.  Do study guide.

    „Wednesday:   Discuss Act III and start Act IV.  Begin reader response journal for Act III on gender expectations due 9/25.

    „Thursday:    Discuss Act IV. Do study guide.

    „Friday:  Discuss Act IV.  Early release.

    „WEEK 7

    „September 24-28, 2018

    „Monday:    Teacher inservice

    „Tuesday:     Act III reader response journal due tonight.  Read Act IV—discuss Macbeth’s characterization. Act IV reader response journal due Friday 9/29.

    „Wednesday:   Finish Act IV—discuss Macduff as fair or foul.

    „Thursday:    Begin Act V.  Discuss images of sickness/health. Reader response journal Act V due Tuesday.

    „Friday:  Finish Act V. Act IV reader response journal due 11:59 PM. Root test 18.

    „WEEK 8

    „October 1-5, 2018

    „Monday:     Finish Act V. Introduce literary crux assignment and annotated bibliography. Investigate databases for sources.

    „Tuesday:     Choose topic. Find sources.  Annotated bibliography due Monday, October 8. Act V reader response journal due tonight.

    „Wednesday:    Work on annotated bibliography.

    „Thursday:    Work on annotated bibliography. Notes on thesis statements—due in Classroom Friday.

    „Friday:  Work on annotated bibliography. Share thesis statements with shoulder partners.  Turn in thesis.

    „WEEK 9

    „October 8-12, 2018

    „Monday:     Annotated bibliography due tonight. Notes on archetypal heroes. Read 37-46 for homework.

    „Tuesday:      Complete Edpuzzle on Anglo-Saxon history. Read 46.59.

    „Wednesday:    Quiz over reading. Class discussion of archetypes and Beowulf’s boast.

    „Thursday:     Notes on Anglo-Saxon poetry characteristics. Read pp. 59-78 for homework.

    „Friday:   Reading quiz. Discuss Beowulf’s quest and final boast.  Read pp. 78-109 for homework.

    „WEEK 10

    „October 15-19, 2018

    „Monday:     Beowulf quiz 3. Discuss archetypes in epic.

    „Tuesday:      Review for midterm. View Beowulf animated video.

    „Wednesday:    Midterm.

    „Thursday:     Notes on organization—write thesis statement, introductory paragraph and outline. Rough draft 1000+ words due 11/1.

    „Friday:   Root test 19. Notes on integrating quotations and use of signal phrases. Write rough draft.

    „WEEK 11

    „October 22-26, 2018

    „Monday:     Write rough draft. Notes on incorporating quotations and citing poetry.

    „Tuesday:       Write rough draft due 11/1.  Final draft due 11/12.

    „Wednesday:  Write rough draft.

    „Thursday:      Notes on background to Medieval period. View Bayeux Tapestry animation.

    „Friday:   Notes on characterization.  Read “The General Prologue” and discuss the Knight’s character.

    „WEEK 12

    „October 29-November 2, 2018

    „Monday:     Notes on characterization.  Read the Knight.  Read “The General Prologue” through the Friar for homework and complete character chart.

    „Tuesday:       Read “The General Prologue” through the Cook.  Discuss feudal class of pilgrims.

    „Wednesday:   Read “The General Prologue” through the end of GP for Monday. Discuss urban class of pilgrims.

    „Thursday:      Peer review of term paper.

    „Friday:   Root test 20.  Finish peer review.

    „WEEK 13

    „November 5-9, 2018

    „Monday:     Prologue quiz 2. Discuss urban class.  Read “Pardoner’s Tale” for quiz.

    „Tuesday:       “Pardoner’s Tale” quiz.  Discuss irony in tale. Read “The Wife of Bath’s Tale” for quiz Wednesday.

    „Wednesday:   “Wife” quiz. Read “The Miller’s Tale” through the end of GP for quiz Thursday. Discuss irony in “Wife” quiz.

    „Thursday:      “Miller” quiz. Discuss slapstick comedy of tale.

    „Friday:   Root test 21.  Read Le Morte D’Arthur selections from green text and college text. Clocking Monday.

    Week 14

    November 12-16, 2018

    Monday: Clocking.  Paper due tonight.

    Tuesday:  "Miller's Tale" quiz.  Read Le Morte D'Arthur in college and high school text.  

    Wednesday:  Le Morte D'Arthur quiz.  Notes on Medieval Romance genre.

    Thursday:  Introductory notes on sonnets--Kahoot.

    Friday:  Root test 21.  Discuss "Sonnet 73"

    „WEEK 15

    „November 26-30, 2018

    „Monday-Wednesday:     Prepare sonnet presentations.

    „Thursday:   Sonnet presentations.

    „Friday:   Root test 22.  Sonnet presentations.

    „WEEK 16

    „December 2-6, 2018

    „Monday: Sonnet presentations

    „Tuesday:  Sonnet presentations

    „Wednesday:  Finish sonnet presentations.  Notes on Metaphysical poetry—read “A Valediction: Forbidding Mourning” and “The Pulley” for conceits.

    „Thursday:   Begin Donne’s Holy Sonnets.

    „Friday:   Root test 23.  Donne’s Holy Sonnets.

    „WEEK 17

    „December 10-14, 2018

    „Monday: Discuss “The Pulley” and Donne’s Holy Sonnets.

    „Tuesday:  Discuss Donne’s Holy Sonnets.

    „Wednesday:  Discuss Donne’s Holy Sonnets.  Final exam review.

    „Thursday:   Final exam?? Final review?

    „Friday:   Final exam.

    „WEEK 18

    „December 17-20, 2018

    „Monday: Part 2—final exam

    „Tuesday:  Wit

    „Wednesday:  View Wit

    „Thursday:   View Wit

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