Disney Trip - March 11-16, 2022

  • Trip Dates: March 11-16, 2022 (Spring Break)

    Total Trip Cost: $700-800 (to be adjusted based on student count with paid deposits)

    While traveling with the GHS band program, all students are held accountable for behavior guidelines set forth by Granbury ISD and Granbury High School. Students must remember at all times they are representing Granbury High School, the band program and our community. Students will be expected to be on their best behavior at all times and will be held to the high standards of behavior they are accustomed to as a member of the GHS band program.

    Conditions for travel:

    • Students may not have a balance for any fees owed for required items ordered at the beginning of the school year, i.e. shoes, shorts, shirts etc., or owe have a balance owed for any previous fund raising activity. All outstanding balances must be paid prior to trip fees being accepted.
    • Students must adhere to the payment schedule and pay ALL trip fees on time. These are set by the travel company and we must make our payments to them on time to receive the discounts and pricing we have been quoted.
    • All refund policies are set by the travel company and must be strictly adhered to.
    • Students must be a member in good standing in the GHS band program or color guard.
    • Students can have no major disciplinary issues throughout the school year to remain eligible to travel. 

Forms and Resources