About Day of Service

  • Service is a central objective of the GISD 2020 strategic plan, encouraging students to participate in volunteer activities to assist community organizations and agencies that support the public. During the 2017-18 school year, Granbury students converged to support charitable groups, volunteer at elementary campuses, work at parks and libraries, and perform other needed assistance.

    The GISD Day of Service will be continuing each school year. Students will volunteer in parks, libraries, churches, food pantries, retirement centers and nursing homes, and child-centered organizations.  They will also read to younger students at elementary campuses, hang holiday decorations, wash fire trucks and school buses, perform community concerts, pick up roadside trash, and assist charitable organizations. 

    Elementary students will be completing community service projects primarily on campus throughout the school year, although some of those students will venture out to provide helping hands in the community. 

    The Day of Service idea was borne out of the designation of Acton Middle School as a Texas School to Watch in 2016, when the school led a service day just before Thanksgiving.  The goal was to “shower our community with many blessings,” according to principal Jimmy Dawson.  The students and staff wanted to “completely flood Granbury to lend a helping hand, give someone some encouragement, help a neighbor, or simply just lift some spirits at Thanksgiving time.”