• Participate in the Academic Bowl and your team may win the opportunity to
    compete in the Academic Championship (*JLAB) in Washington, DC!


    There are many benefits of having your cadets participate in the Academic Bowl:
    • Improve SAT/ACT scores
    • Increase interest in college admissions
    • Demonstrate academic strength of JROTC program
    • Boost esprit de corps
    • Earn the opportunity to travel to our nation’s capital


    Dates of Competition
    OCT 1-25, 2018 Practice Test (FREE to all cadets!)
    OCT 26 – NOV 20, 2018 Team Registration
    NOV 1-20, 2018 Level I
    FEB 1-15, 2019 Level II
    JUN 21-25, 2019 Level III – The Championship in Washington, DC