Letter from Principals

  • Acton Middle School and Granbury Middle School Students, 

    We are very pleased to present this Pirate Course Catalog.   Please use it as a guide for designing a successful academic path at Acton Middle School and Granbury Middle School. As you choose your classes, consider your future very purposefully. Do you plan to enter college, a technical school, serve in the armed forces, or move directly into a chosen career upon your graduation from GHS? You will need to be enrolled in the courses our state has mandated, and choose electives that will lead you to your future goals. 

    We look forward to the coming school year and want it to be a positive building block in your future. We are joining with your parent/guardian to form a partnership promoting your educational success. We encourage you to become and remain an active member of our campus life. Consider joining one of our many clubs and organizations. We are committed to excellence and your academic success now and in the future!


    Jennifer Pennington
    Acton Middle School
    Dr. Andy Smith
    Granbury Middle School