6th Grade Courses

  • As students progress through Middle School, they begin to plan for their future. Students in the 6th grade begin to find their interests, strengths, and weaknesses. These will develop through course selections, speakers and presenters, programs, and all students will be given a college readiness assessment.

Required Courses


    This course is designed to build upon prior knowledge from previous grades in the areas of reading, written language, research, thinking and oral language. Students will be reading and writing on a daily basis and be exposed to various types of literature. Students will take a state mandated (STAAR) reading based assessment toward the end of the year. 


    In addition to strengthening prior learning in math, the primary focal points of Grade 6 math are using ratios to describe direct proportional relationships involving number, geometry, measurement, probability, and adding and subtracting decimals and fractions. Students will take a state mandated (STAAR) math assessment toward the end of the year.


    The content in the 6th grade science course is heavily weighted on physical science. Students will be involved with investigations and field experiences at least 40% of the time. Some of the content in this course will appear on a state mandated assessment (STAAR) at the end of the 8th grade course.


    In Grade 6, students study people, places, and societies of the contemporary world. The course also enables students to understand the importance of patriotism, function in a free enterprise society, and appreciate the basic democratic values of our state and nation.


    Boys and girls will be divided into separate classes. 

    Classes meet every day and each student is expected to change into shorts, shirt, shoes, and socks every day. Students are expected to strive for 100% participation. Each student needs to set a fitness goal for the year. The students will be tested on the one-mile run in the fall and again in the spring. Various sports will be covered throughout the year. Education for life wellness will be incorporated for students. 

    A Pre-Athletic Fitness and Wellness Course may be available for students interested in pursuing athletics in the middle School


    This required technology course for all 6th grade students will allow students to enhance and learn a variety of skills necessary to be successful in both their educational journey, as well as prepare them for the future. This course will encompass keyboarding, STEAM activities, AVID, Google Academy, Xello Individual Career Interests, Digital Portfolios and more.

Fine Arts Electives

  • CHOIR 6

    Students learn how to sing, how to read music, and how to perform. Students will do a fall and winter concert, have an opportunity to compete at a Solo and Ensemble Contest, sing as a group in a contest, and perform a spring program. Learning is stressed within the framework of being part of a team.

    BAND 6

    Band 6 is open to any student in the 6th grade regardless of musical background or experience. The beginning band classes provide instruction on basic music theory as well as the fundamentals of how to play the following instruments: flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, saxophone, trumpet, trombone, baritone, tuba, and percussion. Students will have an opportunity to tryout the different instruments in the spring of their 5th grade year or when school begins in the fall. Once an instrument is chosen for that individual student it is their responsibility to furnish that instrument. Schools will provide some of the more expensive instruments (tuba, baritone, bassoon, oboe) for a one-time fee at the beginning of each year.


    This course is designed to provide an appreciation for art and to emphasize techniques in problem solving, and creative thinking through development of the following skills:

    Perception- activities that help students illustrate themes through direct observation, personal experience using the elements and principles of art.

    Creative Expression- activities illustrating original artwork using a variety of media: pencil, printmaking, paint, sculpture, ceramics, fiber-art, photographic, imaginary, and electronic media-generated art.

    Historical/Cultural Heritage- activities that expose students to art from different historical eras and cultural influences.

    Response/Evaluation- comparing and analyzing artworks of others and self through group and individual critiques and shows.

Pre-Placement Classes for Grades 6-8


    The four language skills: listening, speaking, reading, and writing are offered in a developmental sequence. The course is designed to consider students’ cultural backgrounds and incorporate those with instruction.

    In order to qualify for this class, a committee decision must be made on the basis of language survey testing. The committee also decides exit from this program after testing shows mastery of basic English skills.


    In this course, students will receive necessary math and reading intervention for meeting their individual needs to ensure success in the classroom and on mandatory assessment.

    LLI - 

    **If it is determined that a students needs intervention, he/she will be placed in a mandatory reading course (LLI) in place of an elective.


    The MTA (Multisensory Teaching Approach) is the curriculum used by all the dyslexia interventionists in Granbury ISD. It is a sequential program designed specifically for students with dyslexia to develop their language skills. Only students that require this type of intervention will be chosen to be enrolled in this course. (High school credit will be awarded in the 8th grade.)