Final Exam Exemptions

  • In an effort to reward good attendance and behavior, students may have the opportunity to exempt some of their year-end final exams. In order to qualify for these exemptions, students must meet the following criteria: 

    • Students must have a grade of 70 in order to select the class for exemption as determined by the teacher. 
    • Students must meet the attendance criteria for the consideration of exemption status. Exemption criteria is based on the class period with the most absences. 

    0-2 absences: 8 exemptions

    3 absences: 7 exemptions

    4 absences: 6 exemptions

    5 absences: 5 exemptions

    6 absences: 4 exemptions

    7 absences: 3 exemptions

    8 absences: 2 exemptions

    9 or more: 0 exemptions

    Note: Partial day, doctor-excused absences do not count against a student’s attendance for any part of the day missed. Full day doctor excused absences do count against their attendance for exemption purposes. (If you go to the doctor, if at all possible, come to school before or afterward.) 

    • Students must not have been suspended for a full day (either in-school or out of school), and must not have been assigned to DAEP/DAEP during the semester.