Final Exam Exemptions

2022 Year-End Final Exam Exemption PLan

    1. Student attendance is calculated by period.  All absence codes except X-Codes will count in the tally for exemption purposes.
    2. If the number of absences does not match for each period, the greatest number is used in determining exemptions.
    3. Student exemptions will be allowed based on the following chart.  The number of absences is cumulative beginning on March 1.  (Anyone with a previously documented COVID issue after March 1 needs to visit with their assistant principal.)
    4. All teachers will participate in this exemption process. All classes will have a final exam on the final exam days.
    5. Students must have a passing grade (70 or better) as determined by the teacher to be exempt.
    6. Students who have spent a full day of in-school suspension, out-of-school suspension, or BTC will not be exempt and must take all finals.
    7. Students who submitted a project for Science Fair will earn an additional exemption.

    0 absences: 8 exemptions

    1 absence: 8 exemptions

    2 absences: 8 exemptions

    3 absences: 7 exemptions

    4 absences: 6 exemptions

    5 absences: 5 exemptions

    6 absences: 0 exemptions

    7 absences: 0 exemptions

    8 absences: 0 exemptions

    >8 absences: 0 exemptions


    • Teachers with a Zero Period class may test those kids when they feel prepared to do so on any day.
    • Note the FLIP in Quest/Lunch on Tuesday to allow our students to eat first and then go to Quest.
    • Exemption forms will be available on Wed 5/18 and Thu 5/19 during lunches and must be turned in by 4:30 p.m. on Monday 5/23.
    • Students who are EXEMPT but do not have a ride or cannot leave will have an alternate activity (once they are counted present in class).
    • Students will not be allowed to “come-and-go.”  Plan exemptions accordingly.