Goals & Objectives

  • 1. We will develop and provide high-quality instruction and learning opportunities that support rigor and engagement to ensure all students are prepared for post-secondary success.

    We will provide all students relevant, responsive, and cross-curricular literacy instruction.

    We will implement full-day pre-kindergarten.

    Students will have the opportunity to excel academically in both English and Spanish.

    We will appropriately staff and provide programming for students with disabilities and struggling students.

    We will increase opportunities for students to be College, Career, and Military Ready (CCMR).

    We will produce well-rounded students who will be appropriately ranked and able to compete academically for rewards, honors, and incentives in the district and in post-secondary environments.

    We will align Gifted and Talented programs horizontally and vertically.

    2. We will provide innovative opportunities to expose students to real-world environments engaging them into diverse partnerships fostering leadership.

    We will continue to expand and strengthen the Career and Technical Education program in alignment with industry demand and workforce data.

    We will offer district employees a safe, developmentally appropriate environment for their children to play, learn, and grow.

    We will expand Career and Technical Education opportunities in the middle school that will strengthen and complement the high school programs and bridge elective opportunities between the elementary and secondary campuses.

    3. We will engage students in all grade levels through participation in innovative and diverse activities to build character, leadership, and teambuilding skills.

    Beginning in 2020-21 school year, every student will complete 20 hours of community service as a local requirement for graduation.

    Beginning in 2020-21 school year, every student will participate in an extracurricular activity, club, or organization.

    We will engage middle school students through expanded athletic opportunities.

    We will expand fine arts education at all levels.

    We will establish a district-wide character education program at all campuses.

    We will empower all students through academic competitions.

    We will educate all students on essential water safety skills.

    4. We will evaluate and utilize facilities in innovative ways based on current needs and demographics to plan effectively for future growth to benefit all students.

    Based upon statistical demographics and future growth and development, we will plan for rezoning to provide equity, balance and the most effective use of campus capacities.

    We will provide, through maintenance and updates, state of the art facilities for all current and future district programs within the existing budget structure.

    We will begin implementation and research of a facility steering committee to address growth when the district reaches an enrollment number of 7,500 students.

    We will maintain and continue to develop advanced safety plans and measures for all current and future district programs and facilities.

    5. We will adopt and implement responsible, transparent, adaptive, student-focused fiscal policies that meet the basic state and local requirements and support innovation.

    We will provide adequate financial resources, within budgetary constraints, that will enhance academics, enable utilization of existing facilities to capacity, attract and retain highly qualified staff, and maintain and replace technological equipment and infrastructure as necessary to support innovation.

    We will maintain a debt level, excluding interest, of less than 5% of the total certified property values for the district.

    We will provide district financial information in a transparent, understandable and accessible format that will inform and educate the public in order to garner support of district activities and initiatives.

    We will maintain a rating of “Above Standard Achievement” or higher beginning with the 2020-21 rating years on the Financial Integrity Rating System of Texas (FIRST).

    We will maintain Moody and Standard & Poor bond ratings that will meet or exceed an investment grade level of “low credit risk” or “very low credit risk.”

    6. We will support student success by providing and retaining the appropriate quantity of qualified staff.

    We will provide adequate support for staff to be innovative in the classroom to ensure student engagement.

    We will create opportunities to grow professionally.

    We will establish incentives to retain quality personnel.

    We will implement new substitute requirements to attract and increase substitute participation.

    We will remain competitive on staff pay.

    We will establish a plan to recruit top candidates. 

    7. We will maintain an optimal infrastructure that supports the appropriate number of devices to engage students in innovative, balanced, ethical, authentic learning opportunities and the training necessary to implement effectively.

    We will provide and maintain an optimal infrastructure that supports the appropriate number of devices to engage students in innovative, balanced, ethical, authentic learning opportunities.

    We will work with all stakeholders to determine the appropriate sustainable devices for each grade level to support balanced, innovative, engaging learning opportunities for all students.

    Students will be exposed to an array of innovative, authentic learning opportunities empowering them to demonstrate their learning in a variety of creative, engaging methods.

    We will provide quality training opportunities for staff and parents that support nnovative, balanced, ethical, authentic learning for students. (Training will be provided face-to-face, online, ondemand, in the classroom, and by request.)

    Communications, Marketing & Community Relations

    We will implement common branding to provide a consistent image to the community for all stakeholders.

    We will market Granbury ISD as an “educational destination” in the community and region.

    We will extend partnerships and educational opportunities to parents and community members.