Mr. Jose Ochoa

     AP Calculus BC

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    Welcome to AP Calculus BC. This class is designed give you college credit for calculus one and calculus two. I anticipate that it will be a positive and rewarding experience for all of us. The purpose of this syllabus is to provide you with my expectations and policies for this school year.



    • An organizational system for taking notes, keeping handouts, and doing assignments.
    • Pencils or pens
    • We will be using the TI-Nspire calculator in class, but if you have a TI-84 at home then you can use it.
    • Laptop or tablet if you have one.




    • I run a flipped classroom, which means that you must watch the video lessons posted on my google classroom before you come into class. I will have an occasional quiz to make sure you have watched the video before class.
    • During class you should be working on my classwork only.
    • All assignments will be turned in to me by uploading your work on google classroom. Do not just “Mark as Done” without turning in your work.
    • Quizzes and Tests will be taken at home through google forms.
    • If you are one of those students taking this class online then make sure to answer the short simple question over the video lesson that I will post on google classroom. This will count as your attendance for the day.
    • If you are absent, it is your responsibility to watch the video lesson posted on google classroom and attempt to do your homework.
    • I will send you worked out keys through REMIND so make sure and sign up
    • IF YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND SOMETHING, IT IS YOUR RESPONSABILITY TO COME TO TUTORIALS AND/OR ASK ME FOR HELP IN CLASS. Please schedule an appointment with me to make sure you get the help you need.




    Please silence all electronic devices during class and put them down or away (including earphones/buds).  I will give one warning to put it away. After that I will take it up and give it back after an allotted amount of time. There will be times when we use phones in class, I will let you know when it is ok to have them out.



    If you make it in before the door closes, then you will be counted on time and present. If you walk in after the door is closed, then you will be counted tardy. After two tardies I will contact home and after 3 tardies there will be a write up to the front office.




    Grading Categories:


    The following categories and grade percentages will apply in my AP Calculus AB course:

    • 40% Major Grades: Tests, projects.
    • 60% Minor/Daily Grades: Quizzes, daily work, homework.


    I will not have retakes or corrections on quizzes. I will only have corrections or retakes on tests for which 20% or more failed the assessment.



    Additional Information:


    Mathematics is learned by practicing your problem solving skills on the topics presented in class.  Some things may seem clear in class, but you only really learn them when you routinely practice them.  Learning math is like learning a foreign language, if you don’t practice it, you will lose the ability to do it. 


    Besides the posted math tutorial schedule, I am usually available EVERY morning by 8:15, please feel free to stop by my classroom without an appointment. If you would like to come to tutorials after school, please make an appointment with me ahead of time.


    The best way to contact me outside of the classroom is through e-mail.