• English IV AP Fall 2019 Assignments


    „WEEK 1

    „August 13-16, 2019

    „Monday:   Professional development for teachers

    „Tuesday:  Classroom procedures,  All About Mrs. Reid, read Teacher from the Black Lagoon.

    „Wednesday:     Introduce Lord of the Flies, students do Flipgrid for Friday.

    „Thursday:  Get Lord of the Flies, read chapter 1 together and discuss setting and point of view.

    „Friday:  Get root lists.  Introduce dialectic journals due Tuesday. Read chapters 1-3 by Tuesday.

    „WEEK 2

    „August 19-23, 2019

    „Monday:   Chapters 1-3 quiz.  Discuss point of view.  DJ 1 due tomorrow.

    „Tuesday:  DJ 1 due. Read chapter 4 for homework.  Write short answer prompt.

    „Wednesday:     Ch. 4 quiz. Read chapters 5-6 for homework. Discuss setting in LOF.

    „Thursday:   Ch. 1-6 quiz.  Discuss short answer samples. Write short answer response.

    „Friday:  Root test 16.  Read chs. 7-9 for homework/write DJ due Tuesday.

    „WEEK 3

    „August 26-30, 2019

    „Monday:   Write commentary over passages using Twenty Questions. Read rest of the book by Friday for quiz.

    „Tuesday:  DJ 3 due. Multiple choice practice—work in groups to review answers.

    „Wednesday:      Multiple choice practice from AP Classroom. Review.

    „Thursday:    Review short answers. Revise.  Read remainder of book.

    „Friday:  Test over LOF. Write final DJ over novel due Wednesday.

    „WEEK 4

    „September 2-6, 2019

    „Monday:   Labor Day

    „Tuesday: Go over LOF MC practice. Notes on archetypes.

    „Wednesday:      DJ 3 due. Write inner-outer circle questions. Take MC practice in AP Central.

    „Thursday:    Review short answers. Finish circle questions for discussion Friday.

    „Friday:  Root test 17.  Circle discussion day 1.

    „WEEK 5

    „September 9-13, 2019

    „Monday:   Circle discussion

    „Tuesday: Circle discussion

    „Wednesday:      Circle discussion

    „Thursday:    Notes on Freud/Kohlberg.  Class discussion.

    „Friday:  Root test 18.  Finish class discussion as review for test Monday.

    „WEEK 6

    „September 16-20, 2019

    „Monday:   Literary elements report

    „Tuesday: Literary elements reports

    „Wednesday:      Lord of the Flies test

    „Thursday:    Notes on poetry terms.

    „Friday:  Finish poetry terms activity. Take quiz.

    „WEEK 7

    „September 23-27, 2019

    „Monday:   Professional development

    „Tuesday:  Poetry terms group activity.

    „Wednesday:   Poetry terms quiz. Library for reading.

    „Thursday:    Introduction to sonnets.

    „Friday:  Group explication of sonnet.

    „WEEK 8

    „September 30-October 4, 2019

    „Monday:   Discuss “Sonnet 18.”  Break into individual sonnet groups.

    „Tuesday:  Write quatrain paragraph for individual sonnets.

    „Wednesday:   Discuss quatrains. Write remaining parts of explication and begin planning presentation.

    „Thursday:    Finish written explication due Friday. Work on sonnet presentations to begin Monday.

    „Friday:  SSR—DJ due Tuesday.

    „WEEK 9

    „October 7-11, 2019

    „Monday:   Sonnet presentations. Take notes.

    „Tuesday:  Sonnet presentations. Take notes.

    „Wednesday:   Sonnet presentations. Take notes.

    „Thursday:    Sonnet presentations. Take notes. DJ due today.

    „FridayRoot test 19. SSR—DJ due Thursday.

    „WEEK 10

    „October 14-18, 2019

    „Monday:   Holiday

    „Tuesday:  Holiday

    „Wednesday:   Sonnet presentations. Take notes.

    „Thursday:    Sonnet presentations. Take notes.

    „Friday:  Root test 20. SSR—DJ due Thursday.

    „WEEK 11

    „October 21-25, 2019

    „Monday:   Multiple choice practice. John Donne’s poetry.

    „Tuesday:  John Donne’s poetry—compare Italian sonnets to Shakespearean sonnets.

    „Wednesday:   John Donne’s poetry—”A Valediction: Forbidding Mourning”—Metaphysical conceit

    „Thursday:    Finish Donne’s poetry.  Review for sonnet exam.

    „FridaySonnet exam.

    „WEEK 12

    „October 28-November 1, 2019

    „Monday:   Sonnet test.

    „Tuesday:  Introduction to Heart of Darkness. Close reading of Book 1—discuss imagery and narrative structure.

    „Wednesday:   Close reading of HOD.  Discuss metaphor Congo/Rome.

    „Thursday:    Close reading of HOD.  Discuss characterization of Marlow.

    „Friday:  Close reading of  HOD.  Discuss characterization of Manager.

    „WEEK 13

    „November 4-8, 2019

    „Monday:   Read Book 1 of HOD.

    „Tuesday:  Read Book 1 of HOD—finish for homework. Quiz Wednesday.

    „Wednesday:   Book 1 quiz. Begin Book 2 close reading.

    „Thursday:    Book 2 close reading—characterization of the Harlequin.

    „Friday:  Root test 21. Close reading of  HOD.  Discuss characterization of Kurtz.

    „WEEK 15

    „November 18-22, 2019

    „Monday:   Book 3 quiz.  Discuss Marlow’s lie to Intended.

    „Tuesday:  Notes on existentialism.

    „Wednesday:   Class discussion of existentialism.

    „Thursday:    Characterization assignment.

    „Friday:  Root test 22.  Work on characterization assignment.

    „WEEK 16

    „December 2-6, 2019

    „Monday:   Review for exam.

    „Tuesday:  HOD exam.

    „Wednesday:   Notes on literary crux research paper and process of researching and creating annotated bibliography.

    „Thursday:    Work on annotated bibliography.

    „Friday:  Root test 23.  Work on annotated bibliography.

    „WEEK 17

    „December 9-13, 2019

    „Monday:   Annotated bibliography

    „Tuesday: Annotated bibliography

    „Wednesday:   Annotated bibliography

    „Thursday:    Annotated bibliography

    „FridayAnnotated bibliography DUE.


    „WEEK 18

    „December 16-19, 2019

    „Monday:   MC practice AP test.

    „Tuesday:   Essay question 1 for AP benchmark

    „Wednesday:   Essay question 2/3 for AP benchmark

    „Thursday:    Finish essay

    „Friday:  MERRY CHRISTMAS!


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