• English IV DC (1301) Fall 2019 Assignments


    „WEEK 1

    „August 13-16 2019

    „Monday:  Teacher training

    „Tuesday:  All About Mrs. Reid, students will create Flipgrids due Friday, read Teacher from the Black Lagoon. Discuss college syllabus.

    „Wednesday:   Notes on enneagrams.  Students will create enneagram tests and share results.

    „Thursday:  Get Lord of the Flies books and begin chapter 1.

    „Friday:  Get root lists. Discuss dialectic journals form due Tuesday. Share Flipgrids.

    „WEEK 2

    „August 19-23 2019

    „Monday:  Finish Flipgrids. Discuss dialectic journals due tomorrow.  Brainstorm narrative essay—write 1 ½ page rough draft due Tuesday.

    „Tuesday:  DJ 1 due. Share essays.  LOF chapter 1 quiz tomorrow.  Discuss chapter 1.

    „Wednesday:   Chapter 1 quiz. Brainstorm to write 1 ½ page draft of ApplyTexas Prompt 2.

    „Thursday:  Share essays.  Brainstorm to write ApplyTexas prompt 3—write 1 ½ page draft due Friday.

    „Friday:  Take root test 16. Read chapter 2 LOF and write DJ 2 due Tuesday.

    „WEEK 3

    „August 26-30 2019

    „Monday:  Share essays in Say Back groups to choose one for completion.  Revise essay based on peer feedback. Read ch. 5 of Writing in the Works for a quiz Friday.

    „Tuesday:  DJ 2 due. LOF chapter 2 quiz  Discuss chapter 2.

    „Wednesday:   Research how to write successful college application essay—share with class.

    „Thursday:  Notes on leads/sensory details. Revise essays.

    „Friday:  Read chapter 3 LOF and write DJ 3 due Wednesday. Ch. 5 Writing in the Works quiz.

    „WEEK 4

    „September 2-6 2019

    „Monday:  Labor Day

    „Tuesday:  Revise essay to add sensory details, showing writing, and strong verbs.  Rough draft 700+ words due Thursday for peer review.

    „Wednesday:   DJ 3 due. LOF chapter 3 quiz  Discuss chapter 3.

    „Thursday:  Peer review.  Final draft of 900 words due Monday at 11:59 PM.

    „Friday:  Read chapter 4 LOF and write DJ 4 due Tuesday.  Root test 17.

    „WEEK 5

    „September 9-13, 2019

    „Monday:  Write conclusions.

    „Tuesday:  Clocking of essay. Final draft due tonight.

    „Wednesday:   DJ 4 due.  Quiz ch. 4.  Review for test.

    „Thursday:  Ch. 1-4 test LOF. Read short article samples in Newsela.

    „Friday:   Root test 18. Read ch. 5 LOF, write DJ.

    „WEEK 6

    „September 16-20, 2019

    „Monday:  Read model short articles, create criteria chart.

    „Tuesday:  Brainstorm ideas for short article. DJ 5 due. Discuss Chapter 5. Take chapter 5 quiz.

    „Wednesday:   Begin annotated bibliography on short article topics.

    „Thursday:  Finish annotated bibliography due Friday.

    „Friday:   Read ch. 6 LOF, write DJ. Annotated bibliography due.

    „WEEK 7

    „September 23-27, 2019

    „Monday:  Professional development day.

    „Tuesday:   Read ch. 8 WIW  for quiz Thursday.  Review model essays to find thesis statement and chunk organizational structure.

    „Wednesday:    Review annotated bibliography and write thesis, introductory paragraph and outline.

    „Thursday:  Ch. 8 WIW quiz.  Write rough draft due next Wednesday for peer review.

    „Friday:   Read ch. 6 LOF, write DJ.  

    „WEEK 8

    „September 30-October 4, 2019

    „Monday:  Interview/survey responses due.  Work on rough draft due Wednesday.

    „Tuesday:   DJ 6 due, ch. 6 quiz. Write rough draft due Wednesday.

    „Wednesday:    Peer review.

    „Thursday:  Lesson on integrating quotations. Revise essay.

    „Friday:   Read ch. 7 LOF, write DJ. 

    „Sonnet presentations. Take notes.

    „WEEK 9

    „October 7-11, 2019

    „Monday:  Ratiocination—avoid passive verbs, wordy prepositional phrases, and no commas after introductory elements

    „Tuesday:   DJ 7 due, ch. 7 quiz. Discuss irony in chapters 6-7.

    „Wednesday:   Notes on works cited page and integration of quotations into sentences.

    „Thursday:  Clocking.  Final draft due Friday.

    „Friday:   Root test 19.  Read ch. 8. DJ 8/quiz next Thursday.

    „WEEK 10

    „October 14-18, 2019

    „Monday:  Holiday

    „Tuesday:   Holiday

    „Wednesday:   DJ 8 due Thursday, ch. 8 quiz TOMORROW. Read two sample editorials and discuss topics.

    „ThursdayCh. 8 quiz. Discuss violence in chapter 8 and encounter with LOF.

    „Friday:   Root test 20.  Read ch. DJ 9/quiz next Tuesday.

    „WEEK 11

    „October 21-25, 2019

    „Monday:  Discuss topics—notes on thesis statements.  Find sources.

    „Tuesday:   DJ 9 due.  Quiz 9. Discuss allusions.

    „Wednesday:   Write thesis statement and begin  Write working bibliography due Thursday with outline.

    „Thursday:   Notes on organization of editorials.  Begin rough draft 600+ words due next Wednesday.

    „Friday:   Read ch. 10  DJ 10/quiz next Tuesday.

    „WEEK 12

    „October 28-November 1, 2019

    „Monday:  Notes on use of evidence and refutation. Write rough draft.

    „Tuesday:   DJ 10 due.  Quiz 10. Discuss characterization of Ralph, Piggy, Samneric.

    „Wednesday:   Write rough draft. Peer review Thursday.

    „Thursday:   Peer review.

    „Friday:   Read ch. 11  DJ 11/quiz next Tuesday.

    „WEEK 13

    „November 4-8, 2019

    „Monday:  Write rough draft

    „Tuesday:   DJ 11 due.  Quiz 11. Discuss characterization of Ralph, Piggy, Samneric.

    „Wednesday:   Write rough draft. ClockingThursday.

    „Thursday:   Clocking.  Final draft due 11/8/2019

    „Friday:   Read ch. 12  DJ 12/quiz next Tuesday. Root test 22. Final draft due.

    „WEEK 14

    „November 11-15, 2019

    „Monday:  Brainstorm ideas for proposal. Read “A Modest Proposal” as a model.

    „Tuesday:   Complete prewriting organizer for proposal and find two sources.

    „Wednesday:   DJ 12 due.  Quiz 12. Discuss irony of ending.

    „Thursday:   Write rough draft of problem section due Monday.

    „Friday:   Write rough draft due Monday. Start on solution section.

    „WEEK 15

    „November 18-22, 2019

    „Monday:  Peer review problem section.  Begin solution section due Thursday in Classroom.

    „Tuesday:   Write solution section.

    „Wednesday:   Write solution section and begin benefits section.

    „Thursday:   Solution section due. Entire paper due Monday for peer review.

    „Friday:   Root test 22.  Entire rough draft due Monday.

    „WEEK 16

    „December 2-6, 2019

    „Monday:  Peer review entire essay. Rough drafts due in Canvas.

    „Tuesday:   Revise for passive voice and source use.

    „Wednesday:   Revise using SAS Writing Reviser.

    „Thursday:   Final writing day.

    „Friday:   Root test 23.  Entire rough draft due Monday.

    „WEEK 17

    „December 9-13, 2019

    „Monday:   Clocking—proposal due in Canvas @11:59 PM.

    „Tuesday:  Review LOF—allusions/archetypes. Test Wednesday.

    „Wednesday:   LOF test.  Notes on Anglo-Saxon period.

    „Thursday:    Read Beowulf, discuss archetypes and Anglo-Saxon poetry characteristics.

    „Friday:  Finish Beowulf.

    „WEEK 18

    „December 16-19, 2019

    „Monday:   Read Beowulf.

    „Tuesday:  Read Beowulf. Review for test.

    „Wednesday:   Anglo-Saxon period test.

    „Thursday:    View Beowulf.

    „Friday:  MERRY CHRISTMAS!

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