Granbury ISD State Testing Dates

2019-20 GISD Testing Dates

  • Date Day Test
    12/10/2019 Tuesday STAAR English I EOC
    12/11/2019 Wednesday STAAR Algebra I
    12/12/2019 Thursday STAAR English II EOC 
    12/13/2019 Friday STAAR Biology/U.S. History
    2/24/20-3/24/20 M-F (3) TELPAS Reading Window
    4/7/2020 Tuesday STAAR 4th/7th Writing; 5th/8th Math; English I EOC
    4/8/2020 Wednesday STAAR 5th/8th Reading; STAAR English II EOC
    4/9/2020 Thursday Make-Ups for STAAR Assessments 
    4/10/2020 Friday Make-Ups for STAAR Assessments Must Be Completed
    3/30/20-4/21/20 M-F (3) STAAR Alternate 2 (Grades 3-8 and EOC)
    5/5/2020 Tuesday STAAR Algebra I EOC; STAAR U.S. History EOC
    5/6/2020 Wednesday STAAR Biology EOC
    5/7/2020 Thursday STAAR 8th Science 
    5/8/2020 Friday STAAR 8th Social Studies 
    5/12/2020 Tuesday STAAR 3rd/4th, 6th/7th Math; 5th/8th Math Re-test
    5/13/2020 Wednesday STAAR 3rd/4th, 6th/7th Reading; 5th/8th Reading Re-test
    5/14/2020 Thursday STAAR 5th Science
    5/15/2020 Friday Make-Ups for STAAR Assessments Must Be Completed
    6/23/2020 Tuesday STAAR English I EOC; STAAR 5th/8th Math Re-test
    6/24/2020 Wednesday STAAR Algebra I EOC; STAAR 5th/8th RDG Re-test
    6/25/2020 Thursday STAAR English II EOC
    6/26/2020 Friday STAAR Biology/U.S. History EOC