• English IV DC (English 1302) Spring 2020


    „WEEK 1

    „January 6-10, 2020

    „Monday:  Inservice

    „Tuesday:   Notes on Medieval period—Bayeux Tapestry

    „Wednesday:   Notes on Medieval Romance—Begin Sir Gawain and the Green Knight

    „Thursday:    SGGK quiz.  Begin Le Morte D’Arthur

    „Friday:   Finish Le Morte D’Arthur—write DJ 1 due Tuesday.

    „WEEK 2

    „January 13-17, 2020

    „Monday:  SGGK quiz. Read Le Morte D’Arthur and discuss Medieval romance characteristics of both romances.

    „Tuesday:   Notes on literary analysis essay—begin annotated bibliography (2 sources) due Friday.

    „Wednesday:   Find one source together and model using Kami and writing bibliography.

    „Thursday:    Work on annotated bibliography.

    „Friday:  Le Morte D’Arthur quiz.  Read “Pardoner’s Tale” as romance. DJ 2 due Tuesday over tale.

    „WEEK 3

    „January 20-24, 2020

    „Monday:  MLK holiday

    „Tuesday:   Use Notice and Focus to analyze LOF passage. Choose your own passage to analyze for use in paper.

    „Wednesday:   Le Morte D’Arthur quiz. DJ 2 quiz.  Write thesis statement together.  Finish Notice/Focus on personal passage.

    „Thursday:    Write introductory paragraph together.

    „Friday:  Read “Pardoner’s Tale” as romance. DJ 3 due Tuesday over tale.

    „WEEK 4

    „January 27-31, 2020

    „Monday:  Write an outline and rough draft.

    „Tuesday:   “Pardoner’s Tale” quiz. DJ due.  Notes on integrating quotations. Write draft—600 word rough draft due Thursday for peer review.

    „Wednesday:   Revise to use active rather than passive verbs. Write rough draft.

    „Thursday:    Rough draft due for peer review.

    „Friday:  Root test 24. Revise essays for sentence beginnings. Clocking Monday.  Essay due Monday.

    „WEEK 5

    „February 3-7, 2020

    „Monday:  Clocking.  Final draft due tonight at 11:59 PM in Canvas.

    „Tuesday:    Visual analysis lesson—use “God Made a Farmer” and The Method.

    „Wednesday:   Practice visual analysis using the Method. Select a visual and use the Method to analyze by Monday.

    „Thursday:    Read “Prologue” to Canterbury Tales and discuss characterization.  Begin character chart.

    „Friday:  Root test 25. Read “The Wife of Bath’s Tale” and write DJ.  Quiz/DJ Tuesay.

    „WEEK 6

    „February 10-14, 2020

    „Monday:   Discuss individual visual analyses and thesis statements.

    „Tuesday:    DJ due/”Wife of Bath’s Tale” quiz. Write introduction and outline together.

    „Wednesday:   Write rough draft.

    „Thursday:    Write rough draft.

    „Friday:   Write rough draft.  Early release.

    „WEEK 7

    „February 18-21, 2020

    „Monday:   President’s Day

    „Tuesday:    Rough draft.

    „Wednesday:   Write rough draft.

    „Thursday:    Write rough draft 600+ words—peer review.

    „Friday:   Read “General Prologue” through the Friar.  Complete character chart.

    „WEEK 8

    „February 24-28, 2020

    „Monday:   Peer review of visual analysis.

    „Tuesday:    Character notes on Knight-Friar due.  Quiz. Revise essay to avoid passive voice.

    „Wednesday:   Revise draft to have concise sentences and correct syntax.

    „Thursday:    Clocking.  Essay due Friday.

    „Friday:   Read “General Prologue” through the Friar.-Skipper  Complete character chart. Root test 26. Visual analysis due.

    „WEEK 9

    „March 2-6, 2020

    „Monday:   Discuss comparative analysis assignment and annotated bibliography.  Begin looking for sources/topic.

    „Tuesday:    Quiz. Friar-Skipper from “Prologue.” Annotated bibliography.

    „Wednesday:   Annotated bibliography.

    „Thursday:    Annotated bibliography due Tuesday after spring break.

    „Friday:   Read “General Prologue” through the Skipper-end. Complete character chart.  

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