• English IV AP Spring 2020


    „WEEK 1

    „January 6-10, 2020

    „Monday:   Inservice

    „Tuesday:   Review annotated bibliography—find quotations

    „Wednesday:   Begin organizing research paper/writing introduction

    „Thursday:    Finish introduction and write rough draft.

    „Friday:  Work on rough draft due Friday, Jan.  17.

    „WEEK 2

    „January 13-17, 2020

    „Monday:   Write introductory paragraph together.

    „Tuesday:   Begin rough draft using outline from last week.

    „Wednesday:   Rough draft due Friday—1000 words, at least two quotes from each source, works cited page.

    „Thursday:    Write rough draft.

    „Friday:  Rough draft due.  Rough draft checklist.

    „WEEK 3

    „January 20-24, 2020

    „Monday:   Tuesday- Discuss format; review rough draft checklist; continue writing- Paper is due 11:59 P.M.

    „Wednesday-Rough draft checklist

    „Thursday-Passive Voice, X out 1st & 2nd person pronouns, unnecessary words

    „Friday-Look for run-ons and fragments; Peer Review.

    „WEEK 4

    „January 27-31, 2020

    „Monday:  Introduction to Macbeth. Final draft due Monday, Feb. 10.

    „Tuesday: Finish background to Macbeth. Read Act I. Discuss paradox and how this affects mood.

    „Wednesday: Continue Act I. Discuss characterization of Macbeth and Lady Macbeth.

    „Thursday: Finish Act I. Act I quiz.

    „Friday: Root test 24.  Begin Act II—discuss Macbeth’s response to stress.

    „WEEK 5

    „February 3-7, 2020

    „Monday:  Clocking of research paper.  Due TUESDAY in Turnitin.com.

    „Tuesday: Discuss characterization and video clips. Read Act I.

    „Wednesday: Continue Act I. Discuss interaction of Macbeth/Lady Macbeth.  Finish Act I. Act I quiz

    „Thursday:.  Begin Act II—discuss Macbeth’s response to stress.

    „Friday: Root test 25.  Read Act II—discuss motifs (hands, blood, sleep, night).

    „WEEK 6

    „February 10-14, 2020

    „Monday:  Finish Act I.  Act I quiz. Begin Act II.

    „Tuesday: Read Act II.

    „Wednesday: Finish Act II. Test over acts 1-2 tomorrow.

    „Thursday:.  Acts I-II test. Write short answer.

    „Friday:  Multiple choice practice

    „WEEK 7

    „February 18-21, 2020

    „Monday:  President’s Day.

    „Tuesday: Act I quiz.  Finish Act II. Act II quiz.

    „Wednesday: Meet in library.  Read Act III, complete study guide.

    „Thursday:.  Discuss Act III—various representations of banquet scene

    „Friday:  Multiple choice practice.  Discuss Act III.

    „WEEK 8

    „February 24-29, 2020

    „Monday:  Discuss Act III—view various representations of banquet scene.

    „Tuesday:  Finish Act III. Complete study guide.

    „Wednesday: Act III quiz.  Read Act IV—discuss Macbeth’s dependence on the witches.

    „Thursday:.  Discuss Act IV.

    „Friday:  Root test 27. Act IV quiz.

    „WEEK 9

    „March 2-6, 2020

    „Monday:  Act IV quiz.  Discuss Act V.  Do study guide.

    „Tuesday:  Finish Act V.  Discuss. Act V study guide.

    „Wednesday:  Review for Macbeth test.

    „Thursday:.  Macbeth  test.

    „Friday:  SSR—book of comparable literary merit/student choice.  DJ due Tuesday.

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