Other Activities

  • What Do You See?

    Check out the everyday things you see. Cereal boxes, street signs, labels, etc.. What do you notice? Is there a digraph in that word? How about a final stable syllable?

    Flash Cards

    Create flashcards using letters, numbers, objects, vocabulary, and sight words

    Phonics Piles

    "Phonics Piles"- Make piles or use baskets to gather items that begin/end with the same sound (ex: items that begin with (sh) or (k))

    Read, Read, Read!

    Read stories to your child. Ask questions about the story!

    Have children read to you!

    Dice Dots for Sight Words, Comprehension and Vocabulary

    Using Dice to practice vocabulary words or unknown words from a story:

    1 dot= draw the word

    2 dots= write meaning

    3 dots= use in a sentence

    4 dots= write a synonym for the word

    5 dots= write an antonym for the word

    6 dots= write it in cursive

    or to practice sight words:

    1 dot= write the word using other hand

    2 dots= write the word fast

    3 dots= write the word with eyes closed

    4 dots= write the word with color or in a fancy way

    5 dots= write the word using all capitals

    6 dots= write the word using tiny letters

    Sight Words

    Sight Word Practice (would need to provide sight word list): write with sand/salt, shaving program, paint, etc. or make a mini book of sight words (write the word and illustrate it on each page), time yourself reading a list of sight words and try to beat your own time & make a bar graph of your times.

    Comprehension Activity

    Illustrate your favorite part of a book.

    Use "Somebody/Wanted/But/So/Then" to retell a story.

    Rewrite or illustrate the ending to the story in your own way.

    Rhyming, Blending, Segmenting

    Practice rhyming words. I am thinking of a cat. What words rhyme with cat? Hat, sat, bat..

    Practice blending words. What word does this make? Sun-shine, sunshine! (b) (a) (t) is bat!

    Segmenting words. What is the word flake without the (f) sound? Lake!

    Play Games

    Board games like Boggle, Scrabble and other games are great for children!


    Puzzles and memory games

    Sequencing games ..."What comes first"