Middle School Soccer & Tennis

General Information - Spring 2022

  • Granbury ISD will be offering soccer and tennis at Acton Middle School and Granbury Middle School beginning in Spring 2022. 

    The two sports will be open to seventh and eighth graders and will begin on Monday, April 4 for non-track participants and Wednesday, April 6 for track participants. 

    Practices for both sports will be after school on Mondays-Thursdays from 4:30-5:30 P.M. with no Friday practices. The evening activity bus will be available for transportation home at 5:45 P.M. Games will be held Mondays-Fridays. 

    Students must be academically eligible, complete an athletic physical, and comply with district’s athletic code of conduct and drug testing program. 

    The school will provide game uniforms, transportation to games and tournaments, tennis racquets (as needed), as well as soccer and tennis balls.  Students will be responsible for workout clothes and shoes plus shin guards for soccer, tennis racquets (if they have one), and soccer balls (if they have one). 

    Overseeing the new athletic offerings will be GHS head coaches Doug Kissinger (boys soccer), Connor Mason (tennis), and David Winkleman (girls soccer). 

    If interested in one or both sports, students and parents are encouraged to complete a short online form at https://forms.gle/zeFQTXMu4crK3Nm28.

    The expansion of middle school activities and program offerings is part of the G2025 strategic plan.

Soccer Contacts

Tennis Contacts

Soccer Information

  • Objectives: Build the basic techniques and knowledge of the game.         

    • Technical training (small group/individual)
      • Passing
      • Dribbling
      • Shooting
      • Trapping
    • Tactical Training (small group/large group)
      • Height, width, depth
      • Spatial awareness
      • Supporting Angles


    • Completed Physical
    • Completed Athletic Code of Conduct
    • Completed Drug Form
    • Passing all classes of 5th Six weeks

    Teams: 1 girls and 1 boys team from each school  (18-20 players max each team) 


    • Home and away games against Aledo, Ferris, and Godley
    • Practices Monday- Thursday 4:30-5:30
    • Game Schedules

    We are excited to have this opportunity to begin a soccer program at the middle school level.  We are, however, in the infancy stages and have a lot of unanswered questions that we may learn the answers to as we go.  If you have any questions about the program and our expectations, please contact Doug Kissinger or David Winkleman as we will do our best to answer or find the answer to your questions.

Tennis Information

    • Day to Day Practices (Monday-Thursday)
      • Practice begins at 4:30.
      • Students will be in stations working on different aspects of tennis.
      • Conditioning will take place at the end of each practice.
      • Practice will end around the time the Activity Bus runs.
    • Requirements
      • Students MUST have an Athletic Physical before stepping foot on the court.
      • Students must provide their own tennis shoes and black athletic shorts.
      • Please bring a racquet, if you have one. If not, one can be borrowed from the Tennis Program.
      • Students must follow all expectations set by the school and Tennis Program. Any misconduct or distracting behavior will be discussed between parents, student, and coaches.
    • Objectives - All information will be typed out and demonstrated by High School coaches and students to ensure proper form and technique.
      • Rules of Tennis
      • Tennis Etiquette
      • Ground Strokes
      • Net Play
      • Serves and Returns
      • Gameplay 
    • Schedule:
      • Practice will begin the week of April 4.
      • Practice will be Monday-Thursday until the Activity Bus runs.

    Feel free to contact Coach Mason with any questions that you may have about Middle School Tennis for this year. We are very excited about the opportunity that has been presented to us! We look forward to teaching this game to our young people and growing the tennis program in Granbury ISD.