Teams and Roles

  • Responsibilities of the MTSS/RTI Team to ensure  GROWTH for ALL Students

    The MTSS/RTI team meets regularly with a structured agenda that varies based on the individual student's academic, behavioral or social needs. 

    • Review universal screening data;
    • Review school-wide data, consider feedback and concerns from PLCs/grade or content teams, and make data-based decisions;
    • Provide input on professional development as it relates to the school’s MTSS/RTI practice and Tier 1.2, or 3 needs; 
    • Provide input regarding school site intervention/enrichment schedule, curriculum, and/or course offerings; 
    • Support grade levels/departments in serving students during intervention blocks in collaboration with general education teachers; 
    • Discuss and communicate with the site administrator on issues relevant to the MTSS/RTI process; 
    • Consult and collaborate with administrators, counselors, specialists, teachers and parents about MTSS/RTI problem-solving practice, and procedural integrity; 
    • Hold problem-solving meetings (that include parents) for individual students