• All personnel employed on a regular basis for at least one-half time of the normal work schedule are members of the Teacher Retirement System of Texas (TRS). Substitutes not receiving TRS service retirement benefits who work at least 90 days a year are also eligible for TRS membership and to purchase a year of creditable service.  TRS provides members with an annual statement of their account showing all deposits and the total account balance for the year ending August 31, as well as an estimate of their retirement benefits.
    Employees who plan to retire under TRS should notify the Payroll Department and the Human Resources Department as soon as possible.  Information on the application procedures for TRS benefits is available through both the Payroll Department and the Human Resources Department.
    Additional inquiries should be addressed to: 
    Teacher Retirement System of Texas
    1000 Red River Street
    Austin, Texas 78701-2698
    1-800-223-8778 or (512) 397-6400 
    If you have a TRS PIN number, you may call 1-888-877-0123 or visit the website: www.trs.texas.gov