• Texas Teacher Evaluation and Support System (T-TESS)

GISD TTESS District Guidelines

  • District timelines associated with TTESS implementation:

    Observation window begins week 4 of school (September 7, 2022)

    Follow up and post conference within 1 week

    Goals due in Strive by September 1 for teaching staff

    Goal setting session complete prior to walkthroughs.


    Number and length of announced and unannounced observations: 

    Can be either announced or unannounced for walkthroughs

    Minimum 2 walkthroughs per year on every employee (15 minutes)

    Minimum 1 TTESS observation on new GISD employees, and any in observation cycle

    Points of contact for additional information:  Stacie Brown, Karla Willmeth, Wes Jones


    Guidance on teacher PD and classroom observation self-reflection expectations:

    Individualized PD provided through GBF coaching cycles

    Coaching cycles for all new GISD employees and off-observation cycle teachers

    Department PD will be PLC driven, Campus PD will be based on needs identified


    Collecting and maintaining teacher evaluation evidence:

    Scripting for the evaluation session in strive for 45 minute ttess observation

    Evidence in strive for 45 minute observation and 15 minute walkthroughs