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About Pirate Sports Network

  • What is Pirate Sports Network?


    Pirate Sports Network is part of Pirate Production Studios that streams student-produced content and coverage of district athletic news and events.


    What is Pirate Production Studios?


    Pirate Production Studios is the official broadcast channel of Granbury High School’s video, audio, and graphic design classes that together produce student-created content and programming.


    Is Pirate Sports Network the same thing as Granbury Sports?


    Pirate Sports Network belongs to Granbury ISD.  Its intent is to provide the Pirate Nation with student-produced coverage and content of Granbury ISD sports news and events.

    Granbury Sports belongs to the City of Granbury.  As of August 24, Granbury Sports on Facebook will no longer provide sports news or coverage of Granbury ISD sports.