Granbury ISD Strategic Plan

  • G2025

    On May 20, 2019 the Granbury ISD Board of Trustees unanimously approved the district’s new long range plan. The G2025 Strategic Design Plan was meant to build upon the successes of the G2020 long range plan. As GISD continues to grow the G2025 is designed to improve our district’s academic performance, provide more opportunities for students, and address the district’s student growth.

    Specifically, the G2025 addresses major objectives such as: implementing a district wide reading initiative, launching a dual language program, adding an early childhood academy that offers full day pre-k, offering staff competitive salaries and creating a “grow our own” leadership program, offering more extracurricular opportunities for students and expanding the GISD Serves Program by requiring community service as a graduation requirement. And finally, conducting a demographic study to ensure our facilities and schools zones are optimal and putting in place safeguards to deal with future student growth. We want to be proactive in dealing with the growth of our community and schools while simultaneously staying fiscally responsible.

    Over 1,000 students, teachers, parents, and community members provided feedback either through surveys, public forums, action team meetings, or as part of the strategic design team. Our trustees and administration worked collaboratively throughout the process to ensure the plan was student-centered, fiscally responsible, empowering for our teachers and staff, and fostered partnerships with our parents and community.

    In short, G2025 is about innovation, engagement, and leadership.

    Our goal is to be innovative in the classroom. Encouraging our teachers and students to be risk-takers and expand learning opportunities through high quality instruction. We plan to expose students to real world environments and involve them into diverse partnerships.

    We will engage students in the classroom through exciting, information rich lessons. As we build academic confidence in our schools we will work to engage parents, local business, and civic organizations. In today’s global society we recognize that for us to educate the whole student we must be engaged, and stay engage with all GISD stakeholders.

    Finally, we will purposefully and intentionally build leadership. We will seek to build leaders in our student body and within our own staff. G2025 will engage students in all grade levels through participation in innovative and diverse activities to build character, leadership, and team-building skills. We will not only serve our community and school, we will seek to build leadership capacity. Recognizing that everyone, regardless of position has the potential to influence and lead.

    The vision of the G2025 is to ensure that all students are equipped with the skills to be inspired, contributing citizens excelling in any chosen endeavor within a dynamic global society. On behalf of GISD I am grateful to everyone who has provided input on this plan. Specifically, I want to thank our administrative team who went above and beyond the expected to make this plan a reality.

    Our administrative team, faculty, and staff we are honored to have the opportunity to work with the students of Granbury over the next six years to make this plan a reality.