Step 1: Informal Challenge

  • Parents shall try to resolve the matter informally through a telephone conference or meeting between the complainant and the school librarian, designated campus administrator, or district librarian.

Step 2: Formal Challenge

  • If not resolved through an information challenge, a formal challenge may be initiated by obtaining a reconsideration form.

    Please contact

Step 3: Reconsideration Committee

  • A reconsideration committee is formed within 10 days of receiving the reconsideration form.

    Who is on the committee?

    • The committee is comprised of 7 representatives:  the principal, librarian, instructional specialist, 2 parents, a teacher, and the district library coordinator.
    • Each committee is comprised of different parent and teacher representatives.  

    What is required of committee members?

    • All committee members must read the challenged material in its entirety. 
    • The reconsideration committee will be guided by a list of questions which consider:
      • Is the book pervasively vulgar?
      • Is it educationally suitable according to the 11 items in the selection criteria?

    What actions may be taken as a result of committee determinations? 

    • The book may be removed entirely from all libraries.
    • The book may be moved to an upper level library.
    • The book may stay in the library in current location.