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    English 1 (0110)
    1 Credit - Grade 9
    Prerequisites: None


    Provides a year-long program of interrelated language skills with study in the areas of reading, writing, spelling and vocabulary. Includes a study of literature, creative writing, and introductory research skills.

Course Indicators

  •  Foundation
    • Foundation Course Requirement
    • End of Course Test Required
    • NCAA Approved Course
    • Advanced Academic Credit Opportunity
    • Course can count as one of your 16 Advanced Academic Credits (AAC)
    • Distinguished Achievement
     Advanced Placement
    • Advanced Placement Course
    • AP Exam at End of Course for College Credit
     Dual Credit
    • Dual Credit Course
    • College Entrance Requirements Must Be Met
    • STEM Endorsement
    • Business & Industry Endorsement
     Public Service
    • Public Services Endorsement
     Arts & Humanities
    • Arts & Humanities Endorsement
    • Multidisciplinary Studies Endorsement
     Background Check
    • Requires a background check, a negative drug screening, a negative TB skin test, and a flu shot. Additionally, students must comply with LGMC and other health care facility policies and procedures.
    • Certification Available
    2 Periods Per Day  
    • 2 Periods During the School Day
    Physical Required  
    • Physical Required to Enroll
    • Must be received BEFORE the first day of practice
    Outside of Class Commitment  
    • Outside of Class Commitment

    Prerequisite = State Required

    Recommended Prerequisite = State Recommended

    GISD Requirement = Granbury ISD Stipulation