• Course # Course Grade Level AAC Credit
    0501 MCJROTC I 9-12   1
    0502 MCJROTC II 10-12   1
    0503 MCJROTC III 11-12   1
    0504 MCJROTC IV 12   1
    0501C Marine JROTC Lab (MJLAB) 9-12   1

Course Descriptions

  • Leadership Education is based upon the tenants of Marine Corps leadership: to teach and develop a sense of citizenship, responsibility, discipline and character. Throughout the program, the Leadership Education curriculum is presented by way of five different categories of instruction: (1) Leadership (2) Citizenship (3) Personal Growth and Responsibility (4) Public Service and Career Exploration, and (5) General Military Subjects. The curriculum reflects two fundamental aspects. Leadership studies teach leadership and citizenship, whereas the Leadership Labs allow students to apply that knowledge.

    If a student successfully completes all four JROTC courses, a Public Services Endorsement can be earned.

    Public Service

    MCJROTC I (0501)
    1 elective or 1 P.E. Credit - Grades 9-12
    Prerequisites: None


    This first unit of the Leadership Education provides an introduction to both leadership and citizenship. It also exposes new cadets to personal growth and responsibility and establishes a foundation in military structure and tradition. Additionally, cadets participate in a healthy physical education program and are first exposed to the teamwork required in organized drill.

    MCJROTC II (0502)
    Grades 10-12
    Prerequisite: MCJROTC 1

    This course continues the leadership and citizenship classes of LE-1. Students receive instruction in general military subjects with more structure and tradition than in LE-1. Cadets also receive an introduction to the exciting sport of marksmanship. LE-2 begins a cadet’s orienteering training with a map and compass. 

    MCJROTC III (0503)
    Grades 11-12
    Prerequisite: MCJROTC 2

    In this course, cadets resume building upon the subjects studied in LE-1 and LE-2, including various career options by beginning to learn more about public service and other possible careers for life after high school. Cadets also learn about job seeking and the interview process as well as receiving instruction in personal finances.


    Grade 12
    Prerequisite: MCJROTC 3

    This course is the culmination of a cadet’s Leadership Education studies. Cadets are expected to keep up with and be able to discuss current events. Social and cultural topics such as equal opportunity and sexual harassment are studied, and a research paper is required on a subject approved by the instructor. Cadets create a personal resume for future use after high school. A limit of 1 AAC can be earned for fidelity for 4 years of successful completion in grades 9-12. 

    Marine JROTC Lab (MJLAB) (0501C)
    Grades 9-12
    Prerequisites: Member of JROTC and placed by SMI or MI in the course

    The course is designed for JROTC cadets who are members of select JROTC competition teams.  This course will enforce the concepts of teamwork, unit leadership, physical fitness, and professional development through competition.