Please read all information before purchasing a ticket.

General Information

  • Date:

    Friday, April 14, 2023

    (There is no school on Friday, April 14, 2023.)


    La Bella Luna

    7700 Glen Rose Highway

    Granbury, Texas 76048


    7:00 PM - 11:00 PM


    The Roaring '20s 

Attendees & Guests

  • Attendees:

    • Granbury High School Prom is for seniors and their guests. 
    • Please read the following information regarding the procedures for guest tickets.


    • Each senior is limited to one guest.
    • Eligible guests must be from the age of a ninth grade student to 20 years of age.  
    • No guests 21 years of age or older.  (Guest must be born on or after April 13, 2002.)  

    Guest Approval Form:

    • Any guest who is not a student at Granbury High School and attends another high school must complete the Prom Guest Approval Form.
    • This includes students who attend STARS Accelerated High School, Premier High School, Cornerstone Christian Academy, or attend any other high school.     
    • The approval form must be completed and signed by the student’s assistant principal before the ticket is purchased for the guest.

    Guest Background Check:

    • In addition to the Prom Guest Approval Form, any guest who is home schooled, attends college, or does not attend any school must complete the Prom Guest Background Check.
    • These students will not need to complete the portion of the Prom Guest Approval Form that asks for a signature from the high school principal or dean.
    • The Prom Guest Background Check must be completed before the ticket is purchased for the guest.  

    Guest Approval Process:

    • Allow two school days for approval of guest forms once received.  
    • Forms will not be approved for same-day ticket purchase.   
    • The approved/denied forms will be located at the ticket sales table each day.


  • Tickets:

    • Seniors must be clear of all school obligations before ticket purchase is allowed (library book fines, athletics, etc.) 
    • Tickets will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis. 
    • Tickets will not be held.
    • Tickets will be sold before school, during lunches, and after school until 5:00pm on ticket sale days only. 
    • Tickets are nonrefundable. 

    Sale Dates & Prices:

    • Early Bird ticket sales will be held the week before spring break:
      • March 7, 8, and 9 for $75
    • Regular ticket sales will be held the week after spring break:
      • March 21, 22, and 23 for $85
    • Absolutely no tickets will be sold after March 23, 2023.
    • Absolutely no tickets will be sold at the door. 

    Tickets may be purchased by cash or check only.

Parking & Shuttle

  • Parking:

    • Due to limited parking, the parking lot at the venue is reserved for faculty only.
    • All student parking will be at Lakeside Baptist Church located at 500 W Bluebonnet Drive, Granbury, TX 76048.
    • There will be a shuttle in a school vehicle running every 15 minutes from Lakeside Baptist Church to La Bella Luna.
    • Students will not be allowed to go back to the car to retrieve something forgotten.
    • There will be a “prom emergency bag” in both the boy’s and girl’s dressing rooms if something is needed.


    • The first shuttle will leave Lakeside Baptist Church no later than 6:50pm.
    • Shuttles will run every 15 minutes or earlier if full. 

Arrival & Departure

  • Arrival:

    • Upon arrival, all seniors and all guests must participate in and pass the breathalyzer process before entering prom.  
    • All attendees must have school ID or photo ID upon arrival.
    • Once students leave prom, they will not be allowed back in.  


    • Again, once students leave prom, they will not be allowed back in.
    • There will be absolutely no readmittance.  


Other Information

  • Photos:

    • Photo booths and Flipbooks will be available, but there will not be any formal/professional photography offered.


    • Light food and beverages will be served.


    • See the Men's Wearhouse flyer below.