• English II Rules and Procedures    

    Honor English II Rules and Procedures 

    AP English III Syllabus 2020

    Bitner's Daily Schedule:

    1st period:   English II
    2nd period:  English II
    3rd period:  Conference
    4th period:  English II
    5th period:  C lunch
    6th period:  AP English III
    7th period:  Honor's English II
    8th period:  Honor's English II
    Scheduled Tutoring Times: Tuesday and Thursday 4:30-5:00
    All other tutoring must be prearranged.
    English II teaches basic grade level reading, writing, and speaking skills for success on the EOC and for life literacy.
    Pre-AP English II is a preparatory class for success at the college level (AP English III, AP English IV, and Dual Credit).  College English credits may be earned through success on the AP exams and through successful of a duel credit college class.
    AP English III is a college level rhetoric class where a student can earn freshman college credit by scoring a  minimum requirement depending on the college of choice.


Last Modified on August 12, 2020