Guest Tickets

  • Ticket Allottment:

    Each graduate will receive up to 10 tickets each.

    Ticket Reservations:

    When reserving tickets, the student will select either the home side or the visitor side of the stadium, not both.  (Band stand seats are part of the visitor side.)

    Handicap Seating:

    When reserving tickets, the student will need to inform Mrs. Sanderson if a handicap seat is needed.

Guest Arrival & Seating

  • Guest Arrival:

    The stadium gates will open for guests at 7pm.

    The ceremony begins at 8pm.

    Stadium Seating for Guests:

    In order to accommodate 10 guests per graduate, all guests need to be aware the stadium will be full, leaving limited space for belongings.

    Guests also need to be aware that families may not be able to sit together due to the limited space.

Prohibited Items

  • No balloons, noisemakers, silly string, or confetti will be allowed.  If students or family members bring these items, the items will be confiscated and the individual(s) will be removed from the graduation ceremony. 

    Students should not bring extra items in to graduation, such as purses, phones, wallets, keys, etc.  These items will not be allowed in the Pirate Stadium during the ceremony.