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    Ms. Schweizer’s Class Information


    Classroom Expectations and Procedures

    Required Supplies :

    1 Five-Section Binder ( 1" binder w/ 5 dividers )

    Black or Blue Ink Pens

    #2 Pencil


    Notebook Paper - Regular or College Ruled



    Expectations for Behavior

    1. Arrive to class on time, prepared with materials, and begin the daily warm up.

    2. Treat your classmates and instructors with respect.

    3. Listen and participate in all class activities.

    4. Care for school and personal property.

    5. Phones/all electronic devices must be kept put away and quiet, unless being used for a class learning activity. 

        An incident is a warning, a second time is a parent contact, then any incident will be referred to the front office. 

    Image result for no phones in class meme 


    1 = Warning

    2 = Parent Contact

    3 = Referral to Office


    Makeup Work

    * Absences receive the number of days absent plus one day.


    ***Check for missed assignments on the board, updated weekly, and in Google Classroom.

    ***Obtain handouts for missed assignments from me or our Google Classroom.

    ***If you need assignment clarification, check with a classmate or myself before/

    after class.


    Late Work Policy:

    * MAJOR grade essays will be accepted at the rate of 10 points off per day.

    * MINOR grades turned in late will be accepted for a 70, at best.

    Grading Scale for English III


    Minor assignments - 60%

    Major assignments - 40%



    Progress reports will be emailed after the 3rd wk. of each six weeks.

    Any failure will be sent directly to the student’s home by email.

    Report cards will be emailed every six weeks.


Last Modified on August 12, 2022