•  Principles of Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources

    Course Description:

    Principles of Agriculture, Food and Natural Rescources is a comprehensive course, provides students the knowledge and skills necessary for career planning and advanced study in the broad field of agriculture/agribusiness. Topics of instruction include the agricultural industry and its global importance; agricultural leadership organizations; agricultural research; concepts of animal and plant science; basics of mechanized agriculture; and personal and communication skills.


    Curriculum Content:

    ·        State, National & International Agriculture

    ·        SAE – Projects

    ·        Basic Animal Management

    ·        SAE Record Keeping

    ·        FFA Manual – History & Procedures of the FFA

    ·        Parliamentary Procedure

    ·        Personal & Communication Skills

    ·        Agricultural History

    ·        Ag Mechanics


    Grading Procedures:


    Daily / Minor Grades     

    These grades include:

    ·        Homework

    ·        Classroom & Lab Assignments

    ·        Quizzes


    Major Grades    

    These grades include:

    ·        Unit Tests

    ·        Six Weeks SAE Record Books  - Students will be graded at the end of each six weeks period on the completion of SAE Record Book. 

    ·        Projects/Presentations  -  Some assignments will require written reports, projects, or class presentations.  These assignments that require an extended amount of time, effort, and creativity will be graded and scored as a major grade. 

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