• Induction Process 
    1. The minimum requirements for receiving an invitation to join NHS are 1) an unweighted GPA of 4.3, no rounding and 2) a minimum of 4 Advanced Academic Credit (AAC) courses, including concurrent enrollment.  A list of qualified juniors and seniors for the next school year is generated, generally by the end of February.  We notify these students of their status and invite them to an informational meeting. We do not invite current seniors.

    2. At the informational meeting the application process is explained, including how to fill out the form and the deadlines involved in the process.  


    3. Once students have submitted their activity forms, the forms are then numbered and the top identification sheets are removed. The forms are then evaluated anonymously by the NHS faculty council.  In addition, the list of student names seeking induction are sent out to our faculty for recommendations.  It is a simple yes/no form with space for comment if needed.  These serve to assist primarily with anyone who could be on the bubble either way.

    4. Once the committee has met and made their recommendations, identification sheets are reattached to activity forms and letters of acceptance or non-selection are filled out and delivered.  We strive to hand deliver the letters in person.  Activity forms from students who are not selected are kept on file for a period of one year in case parents or students would like further explanation as to why they were not selected.  

    5. Students who are selected for membership submit a written consent form either accepting or declining admission.
    6. Induction is held on a Sunday in April, at 4 pm in the auditorium and immediately followed by new officer installation.  A small reception will be held after the ceremony.