Workers' Compensation Procedures

  • All injuries should be reported to the GISD work comp office the day you are notified/witness an injury. If someone from your campus/department is injured, immediately contact Workers' Comp Specialist Angie Wilkins in the Human Resources Department at (817) 408-4193 and follow these procedures: 


    Forms to Complete (located on GISD website at

    1. Employee Notice of Injury:

    a.       Completed by employee. If employee is not able to complete this form, contact (817) 408-4193 for instructions.

    b.       email forms to Workers' Comp Specialist Angie Wilkins at

    1. Principal/Director completes the Accident Investigation Report and submits it to the Human Resources Department.


    Medical Care Needed:

    • In the case of an emergency, Lake Granbury Medical Center ER is available. However, the ER is not the treating physician. If additional care is needed, the employee will still need to follow up with a worker's comp doctor.
    • If non-emergency, they must see a physician that accepts Workers’ Comp. Avalon Urgent Care (817) 279-7557 has agreed to see workers’ comp patients. Other options are available. The employee can contact the Human Resources Department at (817) 408-4193 to review these other options.
    • When calling for an appointment, identify patient as work comp. The doctor’s office will then call to verify employment. The number for employment verification for workers' comp is (817) 408-4193. (We can only verify employment if we are aware of an injury/accident). If needed, the number for Creative Risk Funding at 1-888-230-9300.


    Absences Must be Logged:

    • Anytime an employee is out due to worker’s comp injury, please notify the Human Resources Department the first day missed and forward the doctor’s note stating reason (unable to work, etc.).
    • If/when an employee misses at least one half workday due to a work comp injury; they must call in and report those absences. 
    • If an employee chose Option 1, all absences attributed to the work comp injury are recorded as “work comp.” 
    • If Option 2 was chosen, then the absences would be logged under whatever available leave they wish to use (sick, personal, etc.) with a description of WC Option #2.
    • The Principal/Director is responsible for ensuring the Human Resources Department is notified when an employee returns to work. 

    What to do if the Business Office is Closed:

    1.       Contact your supervisor.

    2.       Fax First Report of Injury directly to