2022-23 Meal Prices

  • Students

      Breakfast Lunch
    Elementary School (Grades PK-5) $1.35 $2.55
    Middle School (Grades 6-8) $1.60  $2.70
    High School (Grades 9-12) $1.85  $2.85
    Any Student on Reduced Program $.30  $0.40

    Staff and Adult Visitors

       Breakfast  Lunch
     Staff  $2.60  $4.25
     Adult Visitor  $2.60  $4.25


  • MySchoolBucks  

    MySchoolBucks provides parents with a secure, fast and convenient method for adding money to their child's school meal account. Parents can also access their child's current account balances and review what their children have been buying for their meals at school.

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    Notice of Fee Increase

    As of January 19, 2022, the MySchoolBucks program fee will increase to 4.95%.

    Like many other businesses, MySchoolBucks has experienced rising operating costs, especially in recent years. Although they have been able to mitigate some expenses, they can no longer absorb them in their entirety while still providing the service and support you've come to expect.

House Bill 3562 - Meal Charge Policy

  • Parents are strongly encouraged to continually monitor their child’s meal account balance.

    When a student’s account is depleted, the district will send parent/guardian notification. 

    The student will be allowed to continue purchasing up to $20 in breakfasts and lunches.

    The district will notify the parent/guardian that the student’s meal account balance is exhausted.

    The district will not charge a fee or interest in connection with meals purchased by the student during the grace period.

    The district will set up a schedule of repayment for any outstanding account balance. If the district is unable to work out an agreement on replenishment of the student’s meal account and payment of any outstanding balance, the student will receive an alternate meal.

    The Child Nutrition Department will use automated phone calls, automated emails, and letterheads to households in order to notify families of students with negative balances.

Meal Vouchers

  • Once a student has reached the $20 charge limit, a meal voucher will be issued.  

    Each student may receive up to 5 voucher meals per school year.  

    Meal vouchers are made possible through the Children's Charity Account, and voucher distribution is based on available funds. 

    Once a student has used all 5 voucher meals, an alternate meal is given for lunch only.

    Alternate meals are not provided for breakfast.

    As students use meal vouchers, parents/guardians will be encouraged to make payments to the student's negative meal account balance and complete the Free and Reduced Breakfast and Lunch applications if needed.

    Anyone wishing to donate funds to the children's charity account may visit any campus or district office to make a donation.

    The Child Nutrition Department does everything possible to feed and nourish all students through our program as allowable according to board policy and federal regulations.