1. How can I stay informed with what is going on in athletics?

    Answer – There are several ways that you can keep up with the latest information about schedules, changes, and delays, which can happen from time to time.

    Our AMS website can be found by visiting the following location: www.granburyisd.org/amspiratefootball.



    On this webpage, you can sign up for E-Alerts, which will send you an email anytime there is a change made to the information on the website.

    You can also find our office phone number, as well as email addresses for the coaching staff on this website. Email is the best way to reach the coaching staff at AMS. Please email Jon Allen at jon.allen@granburyisd.org  to be added to an athletics email distribution list if you aren't receiving email updates.

    School Messenger – Please make sure your phone number is up to date with the main office at AMS. When there is a change, delay, or information that needs to get home, we use School Messenger to send out a mass call to the phone numbers on record.


    2. What are the expectations of my child in athletics?

    Answer – Your child will be expected to be on time, attend practices, behave in the classroom, be respectful, and keep their grades up. We will have grade and conduct checks throughout the school year. If a student is not taking care of assignments and behavior in the classroom, that can affect a student’s ability to attend practice and participate in games. All athletes in the GISD will agree to abide by a code of conduct, which will be distributed and signed by athletes and guardians in the first few weeks of school.

    3. Is my child required to get a physical?

    Answer –Yes, an official GISD physical is required before an athlete can receive equipment. We have copies of the physical form, which can be completed by your doctor. If an athlete doesn’t have a physical two weeks into the school year, they will be removed from athletics and placed into fitness and wellness.

    4.  What do we need to purchase for athletics?

    Answer –We provide everything needed, except shoes. We do have a few pairs of athletic cleats, track spikes, and basketball shoes available on an as needed basis. Students also need to bring their own towels and soap for the showers. 

    5.  When are practices held for sports?

    Answer –Typically 7th grade will practice before school and thru first period.  The students will be allowed to shower and eat before 2nd period. 8th grade will typically practice during last period and after school.

    6.  Will the students be provided a locker? 

    Answer –Yes, we provide each athlete with an assigned locker that needs to be locked atall times.  Lost locks will need to be replaced for $10 before a new one will be issued.  Please have your child bring home towels, personal clothes, etc. frequently.  We will wash all sports uniforms at AMS.