School Board Meetings - Public Comment Procedures

Addressing the Board

  • An agenda for each Board meeting is sent to the Trustees at least 72 hours prior to the meeting.  To speak concerning a specific agenda item, or other area of concern, citizens should complete a card prior to or when announced on the agenda and present it to the meeting secretary, stating the agenda item or subject to be discussed.

Hearing from the Public

  • During the Public Comment/Audience Participation portion of the meeting, the Board President will allow members of the Audience to address the Board when in compliance with the following regulations:
      • Individuals wishing to speak should complete the attached card and present it to the meeting secretary prior to or when announced under the public comments/audience participation portion of the board agenda.
      • Each presentation will be limited to five minutes.
      • Delegations of more than five persons shall appoint one spokesperson to present their views before the Board.
      • The speaker should rise, identify himself/herself by name and address, and, if he/she represents an organization, identify the group.  Remarks should be addressed to the Board.
      • Complaints and/or discussion about individual school employees will not be heard by the Board in open meetings, as this is considered personnel action and subject to executive session.  Charges or complaints about specific personnel shall be presented in writing to the school administration or Board President and signed by the individual filing the complaint.  The Board respectfully requests that individuals follow Board policy if they have a complaint about any matter.  Copies of the appropriate complaint policy may be obtained from the meeting secretary.
      • It is the policy of the present Board to provide an opportunity for patron comments as time permits.  A maximum of thirty minutes is allowed for the regularly scheduled meetings.
      • Action may be taken only on those items listed on the agenda.
    The Board is pleased to have members of the public visit all meetings and become better informed about school affairs.  Individuals wishing to speak to the Board should become familiar with the appropriate procedures for same as listed above.  The Board is interested in your constructive comments and has provided this opportunity for improved communications with patrons attending the meetings.