Tuition and Fees

2021-22 Tuition and Fees


    Regular Fees


    Meal Plan


    Meal Plan

    GISD Staff Children

    Weekly $50 $30 $35 $35

    Part Time

    (Per Day)

     $15 (1 day)

    $30 (2 days)

    $45 (3 days)

    $10 (1 day)

    $20 (2 days)

    $30 (3 days)

    $12 (1 day)

    $24 (2 days)

    $36 (3 days)

    $12 (1 day)

    $24 (2 days)

    $36 (3 days)

    Morning Only $20 $13 $17 $17
    After School Campus Meeting       $12

    The enrollment fee is $35 per student and each additional child is $25.

    Full week of tuition is due on Monday of each week or the first day your child is in attendance.

    $10 fee charged if tuition is not received by Monday at 6pm.

    Weekly tuition is charged regardless of your child’s attendance.

    $1 per minute assessed for every minute after 6pm your child is not picked up.

    Tuition will be prorated for short weeks according to the district academic calendar.  For example, if we are closed Labor Day, the tuition for the week is $40.

    Part time fees will be billed and due weekly, regardless of attendance.  For example, if your child attends 1 day a week at the regular rate, you will be billed every week for $15, even if your child does not attend one week.

    Reduced fees are available for children on the free and reduced lunch program.  Please bring documentation of lunch plan by October 1 or the regular fee will apply beginning October 1.

    Drop ins will no longer be accepted, with the exception of GISD employees who need care for staff meetings/parent conferences.  GISD employees may use ESD for drop in with a one week notice of your child’s attendance to the site leader.