• Clinic:clinic
    Clinic duties of the nurse are to aid in maintaining good health and to take care of injuries that occur at school until a parent can be notified. The nurse is not equipped to care for ill students, but only to provide a place to wait to be picked up when they become ill at school. If a student is not ill enough to leave school as specified by the student/parent handbook, he/she will be returned to his/her classroom after assessment by the nurse. Students should be free of fever and/or vomiting for 24 hours before returning to school.
    Parents are asked to complete an emergency card each year that includes parental consent for school officials to obtain medical treatment for the student, as permitted by law. Other information that may be required in case of an emergency should be provided and updated by parents as necessary, including emergency names and phone numbers to contact.
    The school nurse will make every attempt to contact a parent/guardian. Emergency contact persons listed on the emergency card will be contacted if parents/guardians are unavailable.