• All About Miss Baker


    Where did I come from?

    ~I was born and raised in Mineral Wells.  Our house sat right on the school district line so I went to Santo K-12.  It was a wonderful experience graduating from high school with many of my close friends.  I was the mascot at our school, "Pouncer the Wildcat", for 4 years and loved every minute of it!


    Where did I go to college?

    ~I attended Weatherford Junior College and finished up my degree at Texas Tech University in Lubbock, TexasWest Texas is not for weak people!  The summers are great because there is no humidity but the winters are cold and brutal...not to mention the constant sandstorms and dirt devils!  Lubbock was fine for college but I came back to this area as quickly as possible!  My degree is in "Multidisciplinary Studies" which means I can teach PK-4th grade or all level of Special Education.  I am also certified to teach all levels of ESL (English as a Second Language).


    Why did I become a teacher?

    ~I always knew that I wanted to work with children but had a hard time figuring out exactly what I wanted to do.  I was an aide at an elementary school at the age of 18 and before I knew it, I felt my calling.  I knew that I wanted to be a teacher.  I began my teaching career in the Pre-K classroom at Mambrino in August 2003.


    What are my hobbies?

    ~I love to be with my friends, watch movies, and work puzzles.  I enjoy writing: poetry, short stories, etc.  I absolutely love all kinds of music!  We dance and sing in the classroom many times through out the day.  I can't imagine what life would be like without the joy of music!  I also love to make t-shirts!  That began by making our field trip t-shirts for the kids and developed into making shirts for my friends with slogans that I come up with on my own or quotes that remind me of them. 


    What is my favorite color?



    What is my favorite food?

    Oh how I love Mexican food or anything really spicy!


    What else do you need to know?
    ~Nothing Short of a Miracle~My story
    There is a song that came out last year by O.A.R. that said “how many times can I break ‘til I shatter”. On June 28th, 2008, I came very close to finding out. That warm June day found me dressed from head to toe in a pink dress with my hair all done up in curls. Now for those of you who know me, that is not how I usually dress. It was Kelly's wedding day. I have known Kelly all of my life and her special day had finally arrived...I was very blessed to be apart of it. Ten minutes before we were going to walk down the aisle, my head began to hurt. Didn't think much of it, assumed I was nervous as always, so I grabbed a coke and a sandwich from the bridal room. As I was eating the sandwich, I couldn’t help but think how horrible it tasted. I was shocked that we were being catered with “spoiled meat” but as it turns out my body was already very sick at this time and I just didn’t know it. I also popped some Advil thinking it would do the trick...boy was I wrong. I jumped back in line with the other bridesmaids to head down the aisle still feeling very shaky and unstable. As I stood in front of the alter my head continued pounding and felt as if it was getting worse by the minute. People were singing and talking but it felt to me as if they were screaming right into my ears. I remember watching Kelly walk down the aisle but I can’t even tell you what she looked like. I stood there trying to do anything to keep my mind off the pain. I was rocking back and forth, counting, and bargaining with myself. My thoughts felt so loud to me, as if everyone around me could hear them. I told myself if I could get through the ceremony, pictures, and part of the reception I could go home and go to bed. As the pain increased, I told myself just to make it through the wedding and then I could go home. Then I remembered what the wedding coordinator had said the night before “if you feel sick, wait until the preacher prays, then you may leave”. So I turned my attention towards the pastor, I began praying that he would pray. I stood there for what felt like an eternity but in reality I’m sure it was only a few minutes. As he began to pray, I tapped the bridesmaid in front of me and told her I didn’t feel well. I walked up the aisle and opened the double doors to the sanctuary and that is where it all went dark for me. I can’t remember anything that happened after that. A friend had seen me leave the ceremony and she followed me to the restroom where she found me severely ill. I threw myself to the floor and was holding my head while screaming in pain. She went to get my mom who was still in the ceremony. My mom asked me what was wrong and I told her I didn’t know. I was quickly loaded in the car and we headed straight for the hospital. I spent 17 days in the hospital and 15 of them were in ICU. Dr. Siadati, my neurosurgeon, told my family that I had IVH (interaventrical hemorrhage) or more commonly known as a stroke. They placed a catheter in my brain to remove the blood and relieve the pressure. After I left the hospital, I spent several weeks at my parent’s house trying to recover. I had also suffered from short term memory loss; I only remember bits and pieces of being in the hospital or even the time that I spent with my parents.

    I spent the next few months doing many tests on my brain to figure out what had went wrong. After several batteries of painful tests, the answer became clear. I had a vascular lesion in the left side (almost center) of my brain. We scheduled brain surgery for October 23, 2008. I basically drove myself crazy waiting on that day to come. I was extremely frustrated because I found out in early September about the surgery and didn’t understand why I had to wait so long to do this surgery that seemed to be so important. I just didn’t realize at the time that God was working things out in His time, not my time. I finally made it close to the day of my surgery and went to have all my pre-op work completed which included yet another MRI. My surgery date got bumped up to the day before because of a cancellation. I said, “Bring it on. I’m ready to get this over with.” I entered the hospital that morning doing all the things I felt as if I had done a million times before….which involved more waiting. I said goodbye to parents and my brother. There was no guarantee that I would come out of this surgery the person that I had always been so I made sure to tell them how much I loved them. Before the surgery began, Dr. Siadati said he looked at my MRI that I had the day before and could not see the vascular lesion. He sent me to have an Arteriogram. It turned out that the vascular lesion was/is gone! How in the world can something like that happen? Well, medically speaking...it clotted itself off. He couldn't really explain it. He said the chances of something like this are one in a million, that it was nothing short of a miracle. He was in shock and said that he had NEVER seen a case like this. In fact, my case will be entered into a medical journal for others to see and study in the future. If you ask me, I can tell you exactly what happened. God's grace and mercy healed me. Now, I was raised to be a God fearing woman but I can't believe that this happened. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that God heard the prayers of me, my friends, and my family. I have always believed in the power of prayer but it is more real to me now than it has ever been! Apparently God has something pretty special for me in mind or maybe He just fixed me and returned me to the only thing I know how to do well which is teaching. The statement that says “if God takes you to it, He will take you through it”… wow, what a powerful statement! I am an “over analyzer” and I have tried putting theory behind all that has happened to me. I can’t figure out why but I do know why it happened when it did. God basically was saying “ok, this is going to happen to you but this is what I’m going to do. You will be in Fort Worth, your mother will be sitting in the audience to pick you up when you fall, you will five minutes away from the hospital, and Dr. Ab Siadati will just happen to be on-call that night because I’ve heard he is a pretty good neurosurgeon.” If it had been just a regular Saturday for me, I would have been at home. If I would have been home and my head started hurting that way, I would have taken some Tylenol, laid down and more than likely would have died in my sleep.
    Now my friends have asked me, “What are you going to do now that you have been healed?” Well, I’m not quite sure. Do I strap a sign to my back and start campaigning the streets that God’s love is real? Do I walk around placing my hand on those who are sick in hopes that God can heal them through me? I have found that sharing my story with those around me at the grocery store, while getting my haircut, or whatever I may be doing stops them in their tracks. Now, sometimes they don’t want to listen but I keep talking until they do and I make sure they understand what God has done for me in the short time that I may be speaking with them. World Party sings a song that says “put the message in the box, put the box into the car, drive the car around the world until you get heard.” That is my future goal.
    ~I have three nephews.  John, who is 20, attends Weatherford College and is involved in bull riding.  Needless to say, he is the brave one out of the Baker family! He is so handsome and such a polite young man.  Brady (in the picture at the top of the page) is three years old and a very active little guy. Ryan is 7 months old and has to be the cutest baby ever!  Brady and Ryan live in West Texas and I try to see them as much as possible.
     John Brady Ryan
    ~I have two dogs, Badger and Bella.  Both dogs are from the "Friends for Animals" shelter here in Granbury.  Badger is part lab and part everything else!  She is black and white with beautiful markings.  Bella is part beagle and part wienie dog.  She looks like a stretched out beagle.  My dad calls her "Beanie Wienie" which is very appropriate!  I also have a fish named Mr. Bo Jangles.


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