• writing
    Writing Strokes are the words we use when learning to write our letters, numbers, and shapes.
    Pre-Writing Strokes:
    touch, circle around-o
    touch, pull down-l
    touch, push over-___
    slant left-/
    slant right-\
    Writing Strokes: Letters
    o-touch, circle around
    a-touch, circle around-touch pull down
    c-touch, circle around-stop
    d-touch, circle around-touch up high-pull down
    g-touch, circle around-touch pull down-make a tail
    s-touch, circle around-turn back around
    f-touch, make a rainbow-pull down-touch, push over
    l-touch, pull down
    i-touch, pull down-add a dot
    t-touch, pull down-touch, push over
    j-touch, pull down-make a tail-add a dot
    b-touch, pull down-add a fat belly
    k-touch, pull down-slant left-slant right
    m-touch, pull down-hump-hump
    n-touch, pull down-hump
    r-touch, pull down-make a rainbow
    h-touch up high, pull down-hump
    u-touch, pull down-scoop up-pull down again
    p-touch, pull down-touch, circle around
    v-slant right-slant left
    w-slant right, slant left-slant right, slant left
    x-slant right, slant left
    y-slant right, slant left
    z-touch, push over-slant left-push over again
    e-touch, push over-circle around-stop
    qu-(q) touch, circle around-touch pull down (u) touch, pull down-scoop up-pull down again
    1-touch, pull down
    2-touch, make a rainbow-slant left-push over
    3-touch, make a rainbow-add a fat belly
    4-touch, pull down-push over-touch, pull down again
    5-touch, push over-pull down-add a fat belly
    6-touch, pull down-add a fat belly
    7-touch, push over-slant left
    8-touch, circle around-turn back around-go back up
    9-touch, circle around-touch, pull down
    10-touch, pull down (number 1)-touch, circle around (zero)
    circle-touch, circle around
    triangle-slant left, slant right,-touch, push over
    square-touch, push over-touch, pull down-touch, pull down-touch, push over again
    rectangle-touch, push over-touch, pull down-touch, pull down-touch, push over again
    rhombus-slant left, slant right, slant right, slant left
Last Modified on August 10, 2011