• 2008 Granbury ISD District Science Fair
    Elementary/Intermediate Winners
    Best in Show

    Kindergarten-2nd Grade – Andrew Walters

    3rd-5th Grade – Kellan Jones

    Group Projects – Alexandria Stewart and Bailey Vernon



    1st – Gage Molinari

    2nd – Allyson Wallace

    3rd – Taylor Calcote

    4th – Tiffany Hadaway

    5th – Alexis Manzano


    1st Grade

    1st – Andrew Walters

    2nd – Destinee Duty

    3rd – Benjamin Lillagore

    4th – Mason York

    5th – Annika Price


    2nd Grade

    1st – Cayden Luke

    2nd – Leslie Price

    3rd – MacKenzie Reiner

    4th – Morgan Rhynes

    5th – Amber Pyle


    3rd Grade

    1st – Hunter Prewitt

    2nd – Tyler Blevins

    3rd – Ashley Brawner

    4th – Cash McKay

    5th – Ryan Dollar


    4th Grade         

    1st – Andrew Tisdale

    2nd – Daniel Tramel

    3rd – Brytin Otting

    4th – Jessica Gryder

    5th – Josiah Hall


    5th Grade

    1st – BreAnne Daly and Kellan Jones

    2nd – Jack Goodman

    3rd – Elizabeth Bonnell

    4th – Justin Jackson

    5th – Conner Price


    Group Projects (Kindergarten-3rd Grade)

    1stAlexandria Stewart and Bailey Vernon

    2nd – Seaton Berry and MacLane May

    3rd – Sierra Mark and Maxwell Call

    4th – Landree Chiles and Lyndee Chiles

    5th – Will Warner and Glen Rodgers


    Group Projects (4th and 5th Grades)

    1st – Trace Chiappe and Blake Bergeman

    2nd – Rachel Periello, Sarah Periello, and James Milson

    3rd – Jayci Reagan and DeAnna Rupp

    4th – Jenny Boldenow and Nicole Kellemeyn

    5th – Kaylee Keating and Sarah Spradlin


    Hood County News Shutterbug Award

    Carter Krezminski