• 2009 Granbury ISD District Science Fair
    Elementary Winners

    Best of Show


    Individual Projects - Kindergarten-2nd Grade:  Destinee Duty

    Individual Projects - 3rd-5th Grades:  Whitney Shearon

    Group Projects:  Sierra Mark and Micah Pierce

    Shutterbugs:  Alli Lewis


    Individual Projects


    Kindergarten:  Zachary Wilbourne, first; Madison Moore, second; Brooke Pickard, third; Autumn McKee, fourth; Kylie Dollar, fifth.


    1st Grade: Taylor Calcote, first; Heather Burns, second; Logan Bledsoe, third; Carter Worthington, fourth; Katelyn Parker, fifth.


    2nd Grade:  Destinee Duty, first; Lyndee Chiles, second; Maxwell Call, third; Andrew Walters, fourth; Brock McKee, fifth.


    3rd Grade:  Kylee Sparks, first; Christopher McKelvain, second; Jonathon Hammond, third; Ashleigh Hallmark, fourth; Lauren Wallace, fifth.


    4th Grade:  Cadence Chiappe, first; Reece Ahler, second; Alex Myers and Brandon Montgomery, third (tie); Helena Linzy, fourth; Kate Jennings, fifth.


    5th Grade:  Whitney Shearon, first; Lily Thornton, second; Montana Moody, third; Cade Timmons, fourth; Zack Pate, fifth.


    Group Projects


    Kindergarten-3rd Grade:  Sierra Mark and Micah Pierce, first; Mary Duffield, Abigail Garcia, and Brooklyn Grooms, second; Jack Miller and David Hart, third; Jamie Winters and Nathan Winters, fourth; Hannah Myers and Kelly Been, fifth.


    4th-5th Grades:  Bailey Vernon and Alexandrea Stewart, first; Mason Suitt and Rustin Beasley, second; Madison Wright and Emma McKelvain, third; Madeline Phillips and Drew Phillips, fourth; Robert Chancellor and Will Bonnell, fifth.


    Hood County News Shutterbug Awards


    Kindergarten:  Hayden Hampton

    1st Grade:  Makayla Doucet

    2nd Grade:  Sean Atchue and Triniti Strong

    3rd Grade:  Leslie Price

    4th Grade:  Alli Lewis

    5th Grade:  Josiah Hall

    Kindergarten-5th Grade Group: Brady Willmeth and Cutter Willmeth