• 2010 Granbury ISD District Science Fair
    Elementary Winners

    Best of Show


    Individual Projects (Kindergarten-2nd Grade):  Avery McLain
    Individual Projects (3rd-5th Grades):  Jackson Winters

    Group Projects:  Bailey Vernon and Alexandrea Stewart


    Individual Projects


    Kindergarten:  Parker Bradley, first; Dylanjer Meiron, second; Jack Powell, third; Lance Schillo, fourth; Kendal Koppang, fifth.
    1st Grade: Ethan Tate, first; Emily Huff, second; Garrett McNellie, third; Autumn McKee, fourth; Grayson King, fifth.
    2nd Grade:  Avery McLain, first; Amerson Meyers, second; Jody Sonderer, third; Madison Weaver, fourth; Alyson Wallace, fifth.
    3rd Grade:  Cameron Gibson, first; Maxwell Call, second; Ryan Ziegler, third; Tyler Sheppard, fourth; Jackson Martin, fifth.
    4th Grade:  Jackson Winters, first; Kylee Sparks, second; Philip Sheppard, third; McKayla Carlton, fourth; Rayni Skaggs, fifth.

    5th Grade:  Kate Jennings, first; Cadence Chiappe, second; Matthew Willis, third; Mason Suitt, fourth; Brandon Montgomery, fifth.


    Group Projects


    Kindergarten-2nd Grade:  Jordin Voss and Ella Morris, first; Cutter Willmeth and Brady Willmeth, second; Cameron Bagby and Caitlin Bagby, third; Caitlyn Green and Layne Solsbery, fourth; Eileen Parker and Katelyn Parker, fifth.

    3rd-5th Grades:  Bailey Vernon and Alexandrea Stewart, first; Molly Shade and Liesl Krone, second; Courtney Gilley and Kelby Been, third; Brooke Sanborn, Morgan Molder, Haley Malloy, and Lejla Gregory, fourth; Alex Myers and Lauren Hammonds, fifth.


    Hood County News Shutterbug Awards


    Kindergarten:  Kennedy Tackett

    1st Grade:  Wesley Barefoot

    2nd Grade:  Ryan Wheeler

    3rd Grade:  Andrew Walters

    4th Grade:  Leslie Price

    5th Grade:  Bailey Bitner

    Group Projects: Olivia Maselli and Fe Fei Zhang