• 2011 Granbury ISD District Science Fair
    Elementary Winners

    Best of Show


    Individual Projects (Kindergarten-2nd Grade):  Casey Pierson
    Individual Projects (3rd-5th Grades):  Maxwell Call


    Individual Projects
    Kindergarten:  first – Phillip Bridge; second – Emmie Vaughn; third – Averie Coffman; fourth – J.L. Singer; fifth – William Lillagore; honorable mention – Avery Thomas.
    1st Grade:  first (tie) – Alexander Call and Bryson Duty; second – Kaleb Vandemark; third – Kalea Roach; fourth – Ashley Loveless; fifth – Parker Bradley; honorable mention – Michael Perriello, Matthew Walters, Scotty Statler, and Alex Mark.
    2nd Grade:  first – Casey Pierson; second – Wesley Barefoot; third (tie) – Grayson King and Shaylee Davis; fourth – Ethan Tate; fifth (tie) – Aliyana Bhaloo and Alex Oppermann.
    3rd Grade:  first – Kyla Asante-Wiredu; second (tie) – Avery McLain and Claire Hampton; third (tie) – Lucas Nunez and Clarissa Layland; fourth – Kaleb Shankles; fifth – Ryan Burgess.
    4th Grade:  first – Maxwell Call; second (tie) – Caden Ahler and Jake Krause; third – Sean Atchue; fourth – Holland Voight; fifth – Bryn Vandemark; honorable mention – Andrew Walters and Benjamin Lillagore, honorable mention.
    5th Grade:  first – Kylee Sparks; second (tie) – Jonathan Hammond and Jackson Winters; third (tie) – Aaron Dyson and Eli Olree; fourth – Tyler Rau; fifth (tie) – Kevin Moore and Leslie Price, fifth (tie).
    Group Projects
    Kindergarten-2nd Grade:  first – Lily Myers and Natalee Dovers; second – Whitney Gilley and Jenna White; third – Nicole Owens and Hannah West.
    3rd-5th Grades:  first – Ryan Ziegler and Cade Dudley; second – Triston Bowden, Brady Willmeth, and Cutter Willmeth; third – Clay Powell, Aaron Lopez, and Coley Irving; fourth – Bethany Pavelick and Kelsey Pavelick; fifth – Seaton Berry and Lawson Berry.