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    Bentley is a therapy dog who is owned by our principal, Ms. Lambert.  He is a Mastiff which is a breed of dog that gets quite large but is known for their good nature, docility and gentleness.  Bentley is at our school to do a job....he is not a mascot but a working dog who helps our students.  The days he works are Monday and Friday but you might see him in the office waiting for his job to begin...or resting after he has completed a job :-)  Due to his good nature -- Bentley has been known to calm a student who was upset or inspire a student or classroom of students to work so the they may earn time with him.  He also helps our special needs children.  Bentley is one of the hardest working "employees" at Roberson Elementary !!!
    b   Bentley and Beamer
Last Modified on July 31, 2016