Ms. Baker
    Mambrino School



    I am so excited to begin the 2011-2012 school year with your child!  I look forward togetting to know you and your child throughout our time together.  Pre-K will give your child the tools to be successful in kindergarten and the many fun filled years of learning that lie ahead.  If you have any questions orconcerns about your child’s education, I am here to help! 


    Frequently asked questions:


    What will my child learn in Pre-K? Your child will learn: how to make and keep friends, follow directions, how to be a goodlistener, how to be a good helper, to recognize 20 lowercase letters, torecognize 20 capital letters, recognize 20 sounds, writing name/letters, counting to 30, recognizing numbers 0-10, colors, shapes, and recognizing his/her own name as well as classmates names.  The list does not end there, that is just a sneak peek of what we will be doing!


    What are the consequences and rewards for behavior in theclassroom? We follow what is called a “Social Contract” in our room. It is “written” by the students and may include some of the following: listen, help, share, be happy, be a good friend, etc.  We will write the contract together as a class and it will help the students to remember how to treat each other.  If a child needs to be disciplined for NOT following the contract these are our consequences: 1. Sitting on the sad rug 3,4, or 5 minutes depending on the child’s age. 2. No centers 3. Sit at the Sad table.  The reward for great behavior is a monkey stamp in your child’s folder. At the end of the week if your child has at least five monkey stamps; he or she may choose one treasure out of the treasure box.  Once we get our Social Contract written, you will receive more information about our rewards and consequences.


    When is the beginning of my child’s day?-Our day begins at 7:40 and ends at 10:30 for the morning class.  If your child is a parent drop-off, please walk them down to the Pre-K table in the cafeteria.  If your child rides a bus or a daycare van, they will enter the building at the back door by the cafeteria.  At dismissal, students will be walked out and sit inside the glass area.  You must have an orange card to pick up your child each day. The afternoon class meets at the Pre-K table each day and begins at 11:45 and ends at 2:40. Pick-up students will be walked out front and busses/daycare will be walked to their appropriate places. 


    How do I say goodbye to my child?-When I arrive at the table in the cafeteria, it will be time for you to say goodbye to your child and for class to begin.  This will give your child a consistent understanding of the beginning of his/her day.  You may walk your child up to our room the on first day and say goodbye at the classroom door.  Please remember to say goodbye at the Pre-K cafeteria table for the rest of the year.


    What is the newsletter?-A weekly newsletter will be sent out to let you know what we did the past week and what is to come for the next week.  Important school reminders are written in the newsletter and I urge you to read the information so you will be aware of any upcoming events.


    Will my child have a snack?-We have snacks daily and I would be so grateful if you are able to donate! We can only give certain kinds of snacksdue to Food and Nutrition Guidelines.  We can have: goldfish, crackers (animal, graham, cheese, saltines, etc.), fruitsnacks, 96% fat free popcorn, cubed or string cheese, fresh fruits, and dry cereal.  Anything you can donate would bewonderful!!


    Are there other items that I can donate besides snacks?  Yes! Yes! Yes!  We can use items such as: double AA and triple AAA batteries, new or gently used toys from fast food restaurants for our treasure box, small plastic Gerber Baby Food containers, or large plastic containers of any size.


    Why is attendance important?-I cannot stress how important it is for your child to be at school.  I know that illnesses and family emergencies will occur throughout the year, but please be sure to call the school if you are able and ALWAYS SEND A NOTE REGARDING THE ABSCENCE.   Pre-K is not mandatory; however it is mandatory (by the state) that once you enroll your child in a public school, attendance guidelines be followed. You will receive more information and sign a document stating you understand state laws regarding attendance and truancy.


    Why does my child need a folder?-A folder will be sent home daily.  The folder will contain your child’s behavior sheet and any other school information that is sent out on that particular day.  Please sign the behavior sheet and send the folder back each day


    May my child eat breakfast/lunch at school?-I encourage you to bring your child to eat in the cafeteria if you choose to do so. I ask that you bring your child early if you want him/her to eat so thathe/she can be finished when it is time for our day to begin.  If you arrive after all the other studentsfinished eating, I will ask that you sit with your child until he/she has finished and bring him/her to class.  Please do not bring your child until 11:00 to eat lunch if he/she is in the afternoon class.


    What are Guest Badges?- This is for the safety of all of our children and helps us to know that you are allowed inside the school. Please sign in and receive a guest badge each day at the office before bringing your child down to the cafeteria. You will need your driver’s license each time you come into the office.


    May my child celebrate his /her birthday at school?  Yes. The GISD policy states that only store brought items may be served.


    How many class parties do we have each year?  We celebrate Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and Easter.  The policy for parties is the same as birthdays, store bought food only.


    Will my child have programs? Yes but ours are not school wide.  We perform for parents at Thanksgiving, Christmas, and End of the Year.  I like for the students to have at least small programs to prepare them for music programs in K-5th grade.


    Will my child go to the library? Yes, we attend library once a week.  Mrs. Moore reads the children a story and gives them time to look at books.  Mrs. Ellis’ 3rd grade class attends library with us to help read with the children.


    Will my child have recess? No, our time is so limited that we are not able to go to the playground. However, we do activities on the back porch which include: hula hoops, chalk, scooters, balls,etc.


    Will my child go on a Field Trip? Yes, we always have such a fun time. You will be notified when the trip is and where we are going.  If you would like to go on the Field Trip, you will need to fill out the Volunteer Form.  The Volunteer Form also applies to volunteering on our campus as well.


    Will my child use a computer? Yes, we begin by using starfall.com to practice computer skills. From there, we work on Imagination Station that is a program our school uses to help with reading skills.


    Will my child receive a report card every six weeks? Yes, it will help you to track your child’s progress.


    How can I help my child? Reading is one of the most important things you can do with your child. Practicing letters, sounds, writing letters, counting, and writing numbers are other areas that you can work on at home. You could also use the information in the newsletter to reinforce what we are learning at school.


    Can I observe in my child’s classroom? Yes, observations can begin during the 2nd Six Weeks.  It will take the majority of the 1stSix Weeks to learn rules and procedures but we should be ready to go thefollowing Six Weeks.


    Do you have any questions, comments, or concerns? Please let me know and I will do my best to help.

Last Modified on August 21, 2011