EMT Practicum
    Who should take the EMT class?
    • Anyone who is interested in working on an ambulance as an EMT.
    • Anyone who is interested in working in a hospital as a tech.
    • Anyone who is considering becoming a firefighter.  Approximately 80% of fire calls are medical.  Having the EMT certification increases the chances of being selected for a firefighter job as some services are very competitive.  EMT certification is now a requirement for fire certification.
    • Anyone who is considering become a policeman.  Again, having this certification make you more marketable and increases your chances of getting the job you want.
    • Anyone considering medical school.  Medical schools LOVE Paramedics and EMTs.  Having this certification and a little bit of work experience definitely increases your chances of being accepted into medical school. 
    Medical Terminology/Principles of Health Science (required)
    Health Science (required) 
    While this class is very fun, interesting, & active, it is also very rigorous.  We sometimes cover a chapter per day, and there is homework most nights.