2020-21 PTO Officers

  • President: Stephanie Matlock

    Vice President: Cortney Brown

    Secretary: Besty Ross

    Treasurer: Sara Hosea

    Volunteer Coordinator: Angelina Tucker

    Hospitality: Bobbye Whipple

    Spirit Sales: Jennifer Nikstaitis

    Fundraising Coordinator: Angela Brescia

Job Descriptions

  • President: The President shall be the principal Board member of the PTO and is subjected to overlook the PTO Board members. He/she shall be responsible for writing all PTO newsletter articles and be the spokes person for the PTO. The President shall be a member of the Board and when present shall preside over all meetings of the Members. The President shall vote only in the case of a tie in votes of the Board and/or the Members. The President shall appoint the chairperson/s of all Standing and Special Committees and shall be an ex-officio member of the committee. The President shall serve as an authorized signatory of all PTO checks. To be eligible to serve as President, a person must be a voting member of the PTO for at least one year.

    Vice President: The Vice President is a member of the Board and shall carry out such assistance to the President as may be required. This means the Vice President is in charge of organizing committees by gathering and scheduling of people and volunteers, collecting ideas, resources and materials, and to hold fund raising meetings on a regular basis with all Standing and Special Committee. In the event that the President is unable to fulfill his/her duties, the Vice President shall take over the responsibilities of the President.

    Treasurer: The Treasurer is a member of the Board and shall keep and maintain recorded bookkeeping of all PTO bank transactions. This includes, but is not limited to, receiving and paying of approved charges, coordinating with at least one member to sit in during fund raising money counts and sign receipts verifying all fund raising monies have been accounted. The Treasurer will be responsible for receipts of deposits, balance of bank statements, compiling a monthly treasurer’s report for the PTO general meeting, and compiling information for the PTO tax return following the annual financial review of the books by an appointed Review Committee at the end of the fiscal year.

    Secretary: The Secretary is a member of the Board and shall record and keep the minutes of each PTO meeting and assist the President with correspondence. The Secretary will supply a copy of the most recent minutes to the PTO members for approval at the following meeting, and will post on the PTO bulletin board; is responsible for posting meeting dates and shall keep a copy of the members contact information for reference, administrative duties as may be assigned by the President or the Board. Administrative duties are as follows but not limited to: 1. Filing. 2. Create Fliers and copying flier to be distributed. 3. Maintaining PTO Bulletin Board. 4. Keep track of all Members, Board, and Teachers contact information. 5. Get approval by School administration prior to making any photocopying. 6. In charge of preparing a "Welcome Packet" for newly Elected Board members.

    Volunteer Coordinator: The Volunteer Coordinator is a member of the Board and shall organize the master volunteer list, and room Representative lists. He/She should work with the PTO members and the School to help organize volunteers for any special events. The Volunteer Coordinator shall be in charge of recruiting new members.

    Hospitality: The Hospitality chair shall coordinate any hospitality activities, including welcome program and documentation for new families and kindergarten families.  Responsible for purchasing and mailing all thank you, get well, sympathy for Staff and PTO Board Members and for sending flowers or gifts approved by the PTO Board in the event of birth, wedding or death.

    Fundraising Coordinator: Must be responsible for the PTO and the Board for the fund raising efforts or programs, which are sponsored (all or partially) by the PTO. The fundraising coordinator is also responsible to communicate all fund raising information to and among parents, teachers, general membership of the PTO and the Board. Responsible for finding and presenting fund raising programs for the following school year to be voted on and scheduled.

    Spirit Sales: Responsible for coordinating the ordering, inventory & selling of school spirit gear. Schedules communicates and facilitates school spirit nights all year long. Responsible for birthday blessings for staff.