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Signing Bonuses for New Teachers in Shortage Areas

Granbury ISD offers several signing bonuses for new teachers in certain shortage areas:
  • Shortage Area Secondary Teachers:  $2,000 Signing bonus to "new hire" shortage area secondary teachers assigned to teach math, science, and foreign languages in grades 7-12.
  • Bilingual Teachers:  $1,000 signing bonus to "new hire" bilingually certified teachers assigned to teach in the bilingual program.  The $3,500 Bilingual Stipend for existing teachers and new bilingually certified teachers will continue.

A “new hire” employee is one who has not worked in Granbury ISD during the previous school term.

As a condition of employment for any new employee hired to teach and that are assigned in the shortage areas of secondary (7-12) math, science, foreign languages, and elementary bilingual education, the teacher must agree to teach in the district for at least one year to qualify for either of these signing bonuses.

Signing bonuses will be paid on the second pay date of August of each year.  If the employee should leave the employment of the district, either voluntarily or involuntarily, during the first school term of employment, repayment of the signing bonus will be required in accordance with the following schedule:

Period of Time Employed                     Repayment Percentage

After One Month                                              90%

After Two Months                                            80%

After Three Months                                          70%

After Four Months                                            60%

After Five Months or more                                50%

If the employee completes a full year of teaching (187 days) and resigns, there will not be a repayment penalty.